A Quickie with Mikel @ House + Co

I don’t have a lot of time in my free hands these few days thanks to many activities and events going on, so let’s make this entry a quick one with lots of pictures to whet your appetite 😛

So there I was with Mikel, conveniently posing along the beautiful background.


As if the exterior design isn’t’ beautiful enough, their actual main focus is actually on the interior design!


And they have such cool menus too. More than 10 different styles of it!


First we had the Houesar Salad, which is their personalized version of the Caesar Salad. There were lots of crunchy fresh romaines drenched in dressing made of house-made mayo, garlic and ground anchovies, topped with crushed beef bacon, croutons and Permesan Reggiano, creating this lovely flamboyant of a salad. RM23.00


Next their “Beef Soup I Grew Up With” really did tweak our interest with their unique name, hence we ordered a bowl to be shared between us. Laden with huge, tender chunks of beef, potatoes, carrots, celery and peas, this savoury and heavenly soup is definitely a rich brew made to suit our tongues! RM19.00


For some reason we were afraid we didn’t have enough food so we went ahead and ordered their Fried Sui Kow, which was pretty bland in taste ( luckily it was at least compensated by the beautiful presentation via their beautiful bowl) hence we weren’t that

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impressed. Anyhow the presentation deserved another photo so here it is.


Beautiful, no? At RM15.00 for 6 pieces, I doubt it’s worth the picture though 😛


Just to let you see the layout of the table with our dishes. For drinks we had fruit juices of sorts, among their many selections including Just Fruits ie Fuji Apple to persimmons, and yoghurts along with other natural/organic/healthy options. It was really an amazing selection especially for health freaks lol.


MyFish + Avocado Cheeser came soon after and I was pleasantly surprised to find grapes and cashew nuts that came as condiments to my sandwich. However the sandwich which consists of slices of

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pan fried grouper, avocado, butter head lettuce and cheese was a little off to my taste, with the overpungent cheese (which I suspect is blue cheese) basically overrulling the avocado buttery taste among others. RM24.00


The pasta however won my heart. The Creamy Fettucine + Herbed Roast Chicken + Citron was just simply delicious as recommended by the kind waiteress. Imagine a plate filled with fresh fettucine littered with medallions of herbed roast chicken cooked in a light creamy sauce with a sprinkle of juicy citron and toasted almonds, there’s no way this particular combination could go wrong in any way. Totally loved this one, only at RM26.00

Well that’s about it with regards to the selection of food we ordered. Soon after finishing our meal we wondered around the large restaurant and found these:


The lovely entrance taking you into fantasy land.


The exterior section in front of the front porch, where you can sit down in these quirky chairs in your own comfort.


All furnitures here are sellable, as they showcase them deeper inside the restaurant (I see many picking up this business model, it certainly is the current trend)


At the other side of where we sat is a protusion that is showcasing their sofas. It looks so comfy, relaxing and pleasing to the eye!


The carpets were beautiful as well but I’m sure it came with a price!


There’s even a bed section wtf!

Anyway do pay a visit at this beautiful place that you will not be able to miss. House + Co, available at Bangsar Shopping Centre Level 3, by taking the lift right outside Coffee Bean!


Oh and beware.

The step where Mikel’s feet is on is actually made out of water! We actually managed to watch as a woman tried to get over to the other side and she actually STEPPED into the water before realising in horror what she just did!

Suffice to say we couldn’t stop laughing but discreetly of course, I mean, we never meant to laugh but at a situation like this, you just can’t help it XD

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