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12248076_10207628487771697_2097292084035905270_oBlogpost on my 31st birthday by @Feeqsays!

If you are a business owner or a brand by yourself, you will know that one thing that will assist you a lot towards your success is through earned media. So what is earned media exactly? Well imagine this, without spending a single ringgit to buy newspaper ads (who reads newspapers anyways?), Facebook ads, paying money for bloggers etc, people will be more than happy to talk about your brand, write about your brand, cover the things that you do all because what you do is crazy awesome. Just like how blogger friend and fellow entrepreneur @FeeqSays covered my #TockTurns31 birthday party <3

Isn’t this the best way to generate awareness and off course sales or support that what you do? Interested already? Let’s begin.



Asians are known to be poor when accepting compliments or to even talk about themselves. We want we need to do instead, is trying NOT to change yourself but to let yourself to be more noticeable. Having for instance, dressing up is one such way to make yourself good at all times, another way is to ensure that you have the best accessories to accompany you when in public. Some prefer to wear high-end watches, some others could prefer stylist cuff-links but I personally think that a beautiful computer can do the trick. You have no idea how many people have looked at me or even initiate a conversation just by having my HP spectre X360 by my side.

4Beautiful, innit? Incidentally I’ve gotten myself the limited edition one – see next point!

This laptop looks really amazing. Is it as good as it looks? How much it is?” This is what I usually ask to which I reply that it is the latest 6th generation Intel-powered HP Spectre x360. They were shocked in disbelief because it is not something they have seen before that alone has given them an impression of me that will last forever. Usually this leads to instant friendship or instant interest in my business. Woohoo!



Now that with attracted attention without trying too hard (nobody likes that), what we need to do now is to impress them and there’s nothing more exciting than to do it with style. This is when you talk about your experiences, not other peoples, especially unique ones that you are known for. Sometimes you have to be able to sell yourself here, but if possible say what people usually talk about you. After all testimonies always sound better than bragging.

12513793_1100969386603121_7587139136555772816_oCreated by @KendyLife at #kendylifequotes – Thanks bro!

For me, just mentioning that I am a digital manager to Dato Lee Chong Wei, is usually be able to pick interest of even a CEO.

However, what I’ll tell you next will shock you. (clickbait lolol)

Remember the HP Spectre X360? After talking about it I’ll tell them that this laptop can do something that your laptop can’t that immediately proceeded to bend it backwards. That shocked turned into awe as they see it flipped into a pad, like, quite literally. What a way to make an impression!


You don’t see this method in any books but I guaranteed you when you share about your unexpected positive surprises, the impression will last for a good long time.




Now that you have built an impression, it’s time to seal the deal. According to a research that went viral of Facebook, what do people like Jack Ma (Founder of Ali Baba) and Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), they don’t procrastinate. So now it is the best time to show your performance. For me, that is when I show the people I’ve met on what I am really capable of from my presentation slides to sharing our corporate video and the work my team at SocialGrooves do at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is usually enough to make them consider that I can do for them be it in business or branding.

During this period, do you know what would really suck? When your machine lags, taking 3 minutes open a video or presentation, or come up with some technical error – those are a big NO NO.

That’s why you’ll need to equip yourself with the best performing machine unrivaled in terms of speed, performance and reliability. To me, that has to be Microsoft @-Intel combo such as my HP Spectre X360 limited edition with the amazing specifications which are future proof! Go buy them now lol



I hope that despite my hard selling of Microsoft-Intel’s amazing capabilities, you be able to retrieve the secrets of generating conversations and getting noticed about the work that you do, just as I did. That is how YOU can generate earned media for yourselves and your business.

Take it from this blogger that has gotten mentions from most Malaysians news portals, magazines, TV’s and even international ones like Huffington Post, CNBC and more. Let me know if I can help you further by commenting on this post, otherwise if you haven’t already it is time to get an upgrade of your laptop at www.makemagic.my while discounts are still available!

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