I’ve got my Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Badge!

I’m restarting my blog with an achievement worthy of its restart!
Thanks to Daniel Cerventus who runs the Entrepreneurs & Startups in Malaysia Facebook Group, I got to take Facebook’s official certification where the exam was done in such a professional manner too!
Here’s my badge:


So it’s been an amazing few years despite Covid-19.

I got married.

I have a son named Ayden Tock.

I lost my best man as a partner.

I closed down a company.

I suffered like never before.

But in the end, I’m a very different person today from who I was a year ago.

I look forward to more years of discomfort as I find my way to enjoy what the world has to offer me.

While in the process of improving myself so that I may have so much to offer to the world.

Until then, see you in my next post!

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Why the need for the Iclif Leadership Energy Awards Advisory Council?

First of all, the question begs: Have you even heard of the Iclif Leadership Energy Awards? What about Iclif as an organisation itself? Chances are, your answer is a resounding NO.

Now that’s a huge shame, because if you really knew what Iclif is really about, and by virtue, the ILEA, and with that, the annual Leadership Energy Summit Asia, you’d be surprise in the kind of abilities Asia has to offer to the world.

Take for example, this year, the 5th annual Leadership Energy Summit Asia (www.iclif.org/lesa)held at Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur on 8 – 9 November hosted by the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, invites top industry specialists, subject matter experts and game changers to help today’s leaders face the challenges of the increasingly fast-paced and uber-connected 21st Century. Who are we talking about exactly? Check this out:

Prior to that, their previous speakers were some of these world-renown folks:

Impressed yet? YES! They are but just some of the largest names in the world, and what’s common between all of them is that they have clarity on their values and purpose, thus creating what we call Leadership Energy that spreads to others around them!

This year’s topic is on “Open Source Leadership”; how leaders must reinvent themselves to thrive in a connected, transparent and disruptive environment; and how technological empowerment has transformed companies into open-source organisations. If that’s something you’re interested in, head here to register!

So that’s LESA. ILEA, the Iclif Leadership Energy Awards, functions as a highlight of individuals who share similar leadership energy to those featured in LESA – and its purpose is to recognize and reward the recipients of the awards in such a way that will promote further motivation for themselves to continue their amazing journey, and have a spillover effect on those who are inspired by them!

This year is its 3rd installment, and has seen amazing past recipients who all have strong conviction in a set of deeply held values and a clear sense of purpose to overcome insurmountable obstacles, thus creating a better future for their community or organisation.

Check out the following three winners…

Mohammad Rizan Hassan
Corporate Employee Winner

Srikanth Bolla
Business Owner/Founder Winner

Arunachalam Muruganantham
Social Enterprise Owner/Founder Winner

So you get the gist right?

This is the reason why Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Chairman of Iclif, is prepared to chair the first ever Advisory Council for the awards – to push up the leadership agenda and take the awards to greater heights, by getting support from the newly-formed ILEA Advisory Council made up of some of Asia’s most prominent captains of industry.

These highly distinguished individuals will play a critical role in nurturing recipients, called Leadership Energy Champions, while providing a balanced perspective and insights in identifying, evaluating and awarding outstanding individuals. The ILEA Advisory Panel comprises:

  • Led by Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Chairman of Iclif
  • Raja Tan Sri Dato Seri Arshad Raja Tun Uda, Chairman of Maxis Bhd and Director of Khazanah Nasional Berhad
  • Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, Under Secretary General, Partnerships International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Chairman of UEM Sunrise Bhd
  • Dato’ CM Vignaesvaran Jeyandran, Chief Executive, HRDF
  • Callister Koh, Head of Human Resources, HSBC Malaysia Berhad
  • Chin Suit Fang, Senior Executive Director, PwC Malaysia
  • Christopher Tock, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Empowering Youth Endeavours Projects
  • Eddie Ahmed, Chairman, CEO & President MassMutual International
  • Malek Ali, Founder & CEO of BFM Media and BFM Business School
  • Mohd Adhari Belal Din, Assistant Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Nora Abd Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank Group
  • Theresa Goh, Managing Director, 360 Dynamics Pte Ltd
  • Yvonne Corpuz, Global Chief Learning Officer, MUFG

Have a look at the full list as well as the profiles in more details here: ILEA Advisory Council 2017

I am humbled to play a part in this role, a full circle since I got Iclif’s support to run EYE Project’s Student Leadership Symposium which saw young leaders playing an active role in leadership currently, the likes of Akram Yusof of AYLP and Ganesh Muren of Saora Industries.

If you know anyone deserving of this award, do nominate them through www.iclif.org/ilea before 31 July 2017.


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#MakeMagicEveryDay Series  – The Future of Technology & Businesses

Business in general came in a long way since the ancient times. From barter trading to the introduction of technology, technology has provided an opportunity for different types of businesses to grow such as e-commerce and e-portal. As our society is adapting the old ways of business with the new ones, the future of technology and business is indeed a promising one. As the introduction of the latest operating system by Microsoft, which is the Windows 10, what you probably know does that the native apps work so well and very fast that if you are not using it then you are not fully taking advantage of today’s technology.

Here are 5 apps that you should be using right now.



The mail and calendar are the two most useful apps that has gotten so light weighted and so touch screen friendly that it is perfect for a dual system laptop/pads/tablets. From my previous post we could see that they could merge various functionalities to one or two similar steps. This allows us to cut the time to do our work by at least two thirds which means more time for everything else. There are plenty of tutorials for this so I will leave it as that and focus on the others.



The OneNote, for the first time ever is proving to be super useful especially at this time where cloud file sharing services like copy are stated to be terminated. You know that Microsoft is here to stay hence the OneDrive, where OneNote exists will never be gone. The integration between one note, The EDGE browser, mail and the Calendar app has been designed so beautifully that it’s such an ease to use and I speak from experience. Watch the video below to see how task that requires four to five steps easily is turned into one smooth process.



I know that you may not like the EDGE seeing it a replacement of the previous unpopular internet Explorer. But Time and time again, I have been proven wrong. The Chrome takes out so much CPU that it lags my laptop every so often hence switching to EDGE was the best decision I’ve made. Sure, it still has some compatibility issues but it takes a matter of time to that to be fixed. My most current favourite feature is the ability to draw on top of websites I surfed and shared it immediately to my friends and colleagues. See how it is done below:


  1. SKYPE

If you didn’t already know that Skype has acquired by Microsoft and this means a complete interpretation between Skype services and Windows 10. All of you uses Skype don’t you? Now wait till you use skype in windows 10. It is business and pleasure at its peak combining technology and lifestyle. You can download Skype from the app store directly at Windows 10 as the “install Skype” app is ready for you to click anytime you are ready.


Unlike the previous four, the NextGen Reader is a native app produced for Windows which can be used on both the laptop and mobile devices. It is one such example of a lot of various apps that are being ported into Windows and looks very sleek, light weighted, responsive and touch friendly. I love reading and I keep updated to the world’s trending news, digital updates, and blogs such as http://kendylife.com through this reader which is one of the best apps of its kind. It is worth every single dollar spent. Check out below to see how it works:




Microsoft has really outdone itself. It’s paring with Intel’s latest 6th Generation processors, skylake, only makes it unbeatable. Yes, even compared to the iMac. As the user of Windows since the beginning of days and trusting Intel to power up my systems, I have never been disappointment by the technological advances they have been bringing it into our lives. In fact, I would not have generated my successors if not for this two brands I have admired since young.

The best time is now should you one to get the latest technology at your fingertips because the great folks at Microsoft and intel are offering you a deal you cannot refuse, so head to www.makemagic.my right now and get yours before the sales expires. Good luck!




There are other apps which is useful which is the touch me gesture studio. I wish that we could also see the character map notepad and paint becoming the modern app well I guess is something I am looking forward to.


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#MakeMagicEveryDay Series  – Growing Earned Media for Your Biz

12248076_10207628487771697_2097292084035905270_oBlogpost on my 31st birthday by @Feeqsays!

If you are a business owner or a brand by yourself, you will know that one thing that will assist you a lot towards your success is through earned media. So what is earned media exactly? Well imagine this, without spending a single ringgit to buy newspaper ads (who reads newspapers anyways?), Facebook ads, paying money for bloggers etc, people will be more than happy to talk about your brand, write about your brand, cover the things that you do all because what you do is crazy awesome. Just like how blogger friend and fellow entrepreneur @FeeqSays covered my #TockTurns31 birthday party <3

Isn’t this the best way to generate awareness and off course sales or support that what you do? Interested already? Let’s begin.



Asians are known to be poor when accepting compliments or to even talk about themselves. We want we need to do instead, is trying NOT to change yourself but to let yourself to be more noticeable. Having for instance, dressing up is one such way to make yourself good at all times, another way is to ensure that you have the best accessories to accompany you when in public. Some prefer to wear high-end watches, some others could prefer stylist cuff-links but I personally think that a beautiful computer can do the trick. You have no idea how many people have looked at me or even initiate a conversation just by having my HP spectre X360 by my side.

4Beautiful, innit? Incidentally I’ve gotten myself the limited edition one – see next point!

This laptop looks really amazing. Is it as good as it looks? How much it is?” This is what I usually ask to which I reply that it is the latest 6th generation Intel-powered HP Spectre x360. They were shocked in disbelief because it is not something they have seen before that alone has given them an impression of me that will last forever. Usually this leads to instant friendship or instant interest in my business. Woohoo!



Now that with attracted attention without trying too hard (nobody likes that), what we need to do now is to impress them and there’s nothing more exciting than to do it with style. This is when you talk about your experiences, not other peoples, especially unique ones that you are known for. Sometimes you have to be able to sell yourself here, but if possible say what people usually talk about you. After all testimonies always sound better than bragging.

12513793_1100969386603121_7587139136555772816_oCreated by @KendyLife at #kendylifequotes – Thanks bro!

For me, just mentioning that I am a digital manager to Dato Lee Chong Wei, is usually be able to pick interest of even a CEO.

However, what I’ll tell you next will shock you. (clickbait lolol)

Remember the HP Spectre X360? After talking about it I’ll tell them that this laptop can do something that your laptop can’t that immediately proceeded to bend it backwards. That shocked turned into awe as they see it flipped into a pad, like, quite literally. What a way to make an impression!


You don’t see this method in any books but I guaranteed you when you share about your unexpected positive surprises, the impression will last for a good long time.




Now that you have built an impression, it’s time to seal the deal. According to a research that went viral of Facebook, what do people like Jack Ma (Founder of Ali Baba) and Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), they don’t procrastinate. So now it is the best time to show your performance. For me, that is when I show the people I’ve met on what I am really capable of from my presentation slides to sharing our corporate video and the work my team at SocialGrooves do at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is usually enough to make them consider that I can do for them be it in business or branding.

During this period, do you know what would really suck? When your machine lags, taking 3 minutes open a video or presentation, or come up with some technical error – those are a big NO NO.

That’s why you’ll need to equip yourself with the best performing machine unrivaled in terms of speed, performance and reliability. To me, that has to be Microsoft @-Intel combo such as my HP Spectre X360 limited edition with the amazing specifications which are future proof! Go buy them now lol



I hope that despite my hard selling of Microsoft-Intel’s amazing capabilities, you be able to retrieve the secrets of generating conversations and getting noticed about the work that you do, just as I did. That is how YOU can generate earned media for yourselves and your business.

Take it from this blogger that has gotten mentions from most Malaysians news portals, magazines, TV’s and even international ones like Huffington Post, CNBC and more. Let me know if I can help you further by commenting on this post, otherwise if you haven’t already it is time to get an upgrade of your laptop at www.makemagic.my while discounts are still available!

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