If you’re here, it means that you’ve come from one of the many sites that I manage.

Adding your links to those websites means you’re relevant to the nature of the websites you come from.

http://www.gleeflashmobdance.comOfficial Malaysia Glee Flashmob Dance website (Flashmob minisite)
http://www.icaam.org.myImperial College Alumni Association Malaysia (Education/Think tank segment)
http://randomalphabets.comRandomAlphabets (Public events and Unity segment)
http://BU6wawasan.com.myPrecinct BU6 Community Portal (Residential Gateway segment)
http://www.ecmmoney.comECM Libra’s Financial Portal (Financial segment)
http://youngcorporatemalaysians.comYoung Corporate Malaysians (Corporate Development segment)
http://ukeconline.comUKECOnline.com (Youth segment)
http://icliondance.comImperial College Lion Dance Society (Outdoor Interests segment)


https://spinzer.usSpinzer.uS (Food reviews, exclusive events and inspirations)
http://www.nikicheong.comNikiCheong.com (Niki Cheong’s personal blog)
http://thejessicat.comTheJessicaT.com (Extractions of a Disoriented Mind)
http://teycindy.comTeyCindy.com (Tey Cindy’s Cin City)
http://helenness.net/Helenness.net (Certified Place for Crapology)
http://bubblywen.comBubblyWen.com (WenPink believes in fairytales….)
http://rebeccasaw.comRebeccaSaw.com (thenomadGourmand)
http://missycheerio.comMissyCheerio.com (One step closer into becoming an architect.)
http://bigboysoven.comBigBoysOven.com (Of Macaroons and Gorgeous Cakes)
http://katherineng.com – KatherineNg.com (The Corporate Beauty)
http://youresty.com – YourEsty.com (NOT Just Another WordPress Weblog 😉)


Only when you feel you can fulfill that criteria, feel free to contact me at christopher.tock@gmail.com.

Nothing much to it, is there? 🙂


Kind regards,
Christopher Tock

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  • Hi Chris,

    Remember me??? We met during trip to Muar recently. Oh, gosh, I finally found your blog…

    Do drop by at my blog and voice out your comment(s) cos’ a new blogger like me really need lots of hints and tips.

    Btw, is my blog suitable to be linked with yours?:-)

  • Hi Chris!

    I just found your blog from Oli’s Shanghai blog and I like what I’ve read so far! By the way, what’s this link thing? It sounds interesting and I would love to be linked to your blog. You are welcome to visit my blog and see if you think my blog is something you would like to link!

    I am an ambitious student who studies two university educations at the same time – medicine at The Karolinska Institute of Medicine (decides who gets the Nobel Prize for medicine) and business at Stockholm School of Economics. I am also the mother of a beautiful mixed race baby girl and I (in my own company) teach management and leadership at The Karolinska Institute of Medicine.

    My blog aims to help people. In my blog, readers can ask me any question about health, diseases, exercise or diets. I will answer the questions within a couple of days by using my knowledge in medicine, medical literature and questions asked to researchers and doctors. I hope that my blog can be a place to discuss health and medicine, especially for Chinese people. There are so many misconceptions about health in China (for example from traditional medicine) and some of these are dangerous. For example, Chinese people think that breastmilk is not good for babies and that they should eat just water with a tiny bit of rice in it! And they don’t know much about nutrition. I would like to write an educational and fun entry about health at least once a week.

    My blog is also about my life as a medical student, business student, expat Chinese girl and young mother of a little mixed race girl. Nice pictures from everyday life are published every day, for those curious about this kind of lifestyle.

    I also write about “Today’s Reflection”. So many blogs write about “Today’s Outfit” today, but I think it’s more interesting to read about what other people think and learn than what they wear. What a big ocean of knowledge we would all have if bloggers wrote about their reflections instead of their garments, right? I have for example written about the patent cornflakes and the interesting new company Happy Socks, zen buddhism and about making the most of our time.

    THE BEST IS: ALL INCOMES FROM ADS WILL GO TO THE CHARITY ORGANISATION PLAN INTERNATIONAL’S WORK IN CHINA. They help in building and maintaining hospitals and schools and they give very poor families extra financial help.

    Check my blog out and tell me what you think!! I would love to link your blog if you link mine. I aim to write in both Chinese and English in the future and start a charity organisation in China to educate the poor about how they can take better care about their health.

    // Sara Lei

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