Archive - March 2006

Gotta Love Jap Magic Humor!

You know, rest periods during examination times are important… And you know what I do? I watch these kind of things =P Gotta LOVE the “Drink Out Of Advert” Part! 😆

Easter: Day 2 of 28

Countdown, from less than a month. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Worry is gnawing at me, although I know it serves no purpose. I guess these are unescapable facts of life, you can either face it, or run away from it. Beat it...

Very super duper cacatedly tired, but it ending soon =) Officially on Wednesday, that’s when all companies will be flying off. Aih, and now, it’s all about ‘it”… ps- What do you guys think about my name above? 😀

Quotes from Careers Fair 2006

It’s one more day to the UKEC Biz Connexion Careers Fair 2006. Busy busy busy! I really hope we can reach 600~800 students, although that’s a superhigh margin! O_o But, alas, always time for quotes, as my dearest friend would say =P...