Quotes from Careers Fair 2006

It’s one more day to the UKEC Biz Connexion Careers Fair 2006. Busy busy busy! I really hope we can reach 600~800 students, although that’s a superhigh margin! O_o

But, alas, always time for quotes, as my dearest friend would say =P

Firdaus: We have to get people in charge of the Sorth and Nouth Cloisters!

Super spoonerism in action! Now just imagine it spoken like a true East Londoner XD
… Fine, I guess those who don’t know the ghetto slang won’t truly understand the joke >(

When asked about the interviews for Petronas scholars to get employment into Petronas…

Him: Wow, you mean you still have to go for interview to get a job in Petronas although you’re Petronas’s scholar?
Her: Yeap, and it’s damn hard to fail!
Us: …. (altogether now!) Oooooookaaaaaaay!

Looks like in actual fact most Petronas scholars WANT to fail the interviews, as this means that the company will then end the bond themselves, making it a legal getaway! Unfortunately, from her point of view, there are very rare cases that a failure would crop up within the scholars, as it is apparently NOT an easy task, even when they purposely screwed the interview! Evidently Petronas doesn’t want their scholars to run away ^_^

Man, this post isn’t even funny! Kay then, need to sleep, it’s already 6.19am! Have to wake up by 8.15am =P

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  • who’s ur dearest friend! ?!hehe
    ur pic is so…. =.=’ at least i won’t have my hopes up too high eh 😉

  • wow~~ u get to work in petronas, u’ll be rich~~!! imagine every single customer who pumps petrol contributes to petronas profits… indirectly increasing your pay and annual bonus 😆

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