Do the Harlem Shake meets Malaysia – Latest Viral Video that will make you go WTF?!

What does the term viral really mean?

No, it’s not about a video being shared by more than millions. That’s when the video gets trendy, or swag, in current terms.


Going viral is when everyone else in the world is replicating that ONE original video and mutating it as it goes along, adding all kinds of WTF elements that will make you want to share it even more, or even join in the fun!


And that’s exactly what happened with the “Do the Harlem Shake” video, for no seemingly apparent reason. For one, it’s not even a well edited video. Secondly, the music isn’t exactly Gangam-style-catchy (in fact, rather annoying!). Finally… it’s just plain stupid! Watch the original below to see what I mean, that got a whopping 6,271,971 views as of today!

Yeap, just wasted 5 minutes of your time didn’t you?

Now imagine…. hundreds and thousands of other people joining in the fun and making even more creative video, like the Harlem Shake Original Army Edition below, garnering a whopping 7,776,836 views! Check it out!

So I shan’t bother to share with you more videos since you can search for them yourself, but guess what… this Harlem Shake dance has even infected our own soil called Malaysia. Now everyone wants to take claim for being the first in Malaysia to start this stupidity, LOL! Check out one of the first ones below:

Harlem Shake (Malaysia Edition) 1915 views

That wasn’t all, it just gets better and better, with the Zainals joining in! Catch the vid below:

The Harlem Shake! (Zainals Style) 3,427 views

But the one that takes the cake is definitely @shawnleebeatbox’s edition. Super funny and awesome! Even better if he beatboxed it himself 😛

Harlem Shake (SHAWN LEE EDITION) MALAYSIA! 2,801 views


Looks like the night of 17th was a night of crazy fun with all the fireworks going on, to the point where even WE got hooked into doing the Harlem Shake, Bai Ti Gong style!

If you like it, share it around and even create your own video, despite how stupid it may seem haha. I may even be tempted to do it myself! LOL I DID IT, thanks to Director Ah Eng & Videographer Wilson + all casts including the girlfriend @Jingy_Ron!. Remember to share it at the comment below so I can add it in the post ok?

Go check other Malaysian version of the viral video via this link and see how lame we can be XD

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