The <3 phenomenon is something I don't quite get. It started about 3 days ago, where out of a sudden a number of my friends on Facebook began to post the <3 status, usually without followed by any description. It looks something like below. 20121006-163642.jpg

Why it was started, for what purpose, I don’t think we’d ever come to know. But what I DO know is how VIRAL it became. This is my attempt to explain WHY:

1. The emotion is shared and relevant to others
Love is a great feeling that people want to associate with. Why do you think those TVB dramas became a hit? So naturally when you see someone posting on <3, you'd also want to do the same 2. Curiousity
The other thing is for WHOM the <3 is intended for. Sometimes we can't help but to feel a little perasan and imagine that the recipient of the <3 is for you. And so, to be safe, you reply with your own <3 in your own wall and hope the other person "gets it". 3. Mystery
If you think that the person cannot be you, then more often than note you’re thinking who the <3 was intended for. We Malaysians are very "pat” in general so we want to know if that person has a new love life that we don’t know about. This air of mystery is what the poster likes to have as well, because let’s face it, being mysterious is cool.

So yes as you can see I did the <3 post too and am waiting to see what can be derived from it. My reason? To have the allure of mystery of course, and who knows, I may reach out to someone I like and get myself a partner by Chrismas who I can share a kiss with under the mistletoe 😉 20121006-165054.jpg

So far, it could be one of these three darlings of mine but I’d really only be okay with Karena hehe ;p

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