Mistakes of Honesty

“I am persistently…. errr, I mean am annoyingly persistent!” says her. The crowd burst in laughter as the mistake sunk into their minds, some slow-witted, some instantly. Surprising how one can pull off a form of spoonerism that could actually be a joke that nobody expected! Ingenius really. I wonder if that’s really how Sue Lynn got her position as an Extremely Anal Secretary in ICUMS. Whoops, did I just say something wrong Charly dear? =P

Anyways I was talking about honest mistakes. Please do not mistake honesty for a kind value that only the weak-minded beings has. I mean, honestly, an act of honesty can be mistakenly seen as an act of being used. Then you would ask: where is the honour of men? For example, if a person mistook and mistakes an umbrella which he thought was his, and an honest guy comes by and says to the mistaken man, “I think you may have committed a mistake, my dear man”. So what does the mistaken man, who mistook the umbrella to be his, do? After all, it could belong to the honest guy, but being too honest he did not want to injure the man’s honour, thus saying what he honestly said. The mistaken man then proceeded to return the umbrella he mistook to be his back where it was, and appreciated what the honest guy did such that he did not lose his honour by mistake. As soon as he left, however, the honest guy grabbed the umbrella and ran away, as he turned out to be dishonest after all! The mistaken man then realised that he mistook the dishonest guy for being honest, and he did not mistakingly took the wrong umbrella out! He sighed then, and hurt himself when he mistook the earth he kicked which turned out to be a hard rock. Bad mistake.

Now, honestly, can you tell me where the mistakes are? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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