The New Trend of Eating Out Healthily at KLGCC

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The exquisite Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) is nestled on the luxurious hilltop of Bukit Kiara and only a short distance for the capital city. Members gain access to two beautiful 18-hole courses, each with its unique features. Members also enjoy a host of amenities ranging from a fully-automated driving range to that largest Pro Shop in Southeast Asia to VIP royal suites. In short, KLGCC is not just a golf course and country club, it’s an experience.

But while the luscious greens and the intriguing animal sanctuaries are a huge draw for many, there are also impressive things going on in the elegant kitchen and dining room under the talented hands of the KLGCC culinary team.

Inspired by the Ministry of Health’s message about leading healthier lifestyles, Executive Chef Arnold Kwok and his team designed a new, fresh menu full of entrees, salads, smoothies and juices that are meant to showcase tastes from around the world. I recently had the opportunity to sample a few of their delectable dishes. I did so with an open mind, as country club food is usually rife unhealthy finger foods.

First up, the ever-delicious banana nut muffin. There’s not much else to say than, “I loved it!” Moist, but not mushy with a delicate real banana taste, I could have eaten a dozen by myself, but alas, I had to share.
Later on, I dove into some Almond Zucchini Bread. It really is THE perfect breakfast bread. Not too sweet and such a healthier option than greasy breakfast meats.

Almond Zucchini Bread (Left) – RM 12.00 Banana Nut Muffin (Right) – RM 11.50
Calorie Counter: 109 Calories Calorie Counter: 155 Calories

Next, I got to try the Chicken Broccoli Frittata. The flavors were well done, both the chicken and broccoli cooked to perfection, but I’m just not a frittata fan it seems.

Chicken Brocoli Fritatta
Chickene Broccoli Fritata – RM 24.00
Calorie Counter: 411 Calories

I moved onto the Tuna Guacamole Salad. Just the name sparked my interest and I was not let down. It was amazing. They sprinkle it lightly with hints of balsamic and it really complements the guacamole.

Tuna Guacamole Salad – RM 29.00
Calorie Counter: 661 Calories

Then I got to taste something that I might just have dreams about for the rest of my life. The Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish was, hands down, my favorite dish. I can’t say enough about it. It felt light, yet dense with flavor. Love the addition of the olives and cappers.

Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish – RM 36.00
Calorie Counter: 275 Calories

Next up was the Seared Beef Strip Loin. I smelled it before I saw it and it was an excellent dish. It was served well done, and I would have preferred it medium well, but that’s something that can be easily remedied. It was also served with sweet potato mash and that was a nice surprise as well.

Seared Beef Strip Loin – RM 38.00
Calorie Counter: 488 Calories

Then they lead me toward the Thai Green Curry Chicken. This dish was one of my favorites by far. It’s definitely for those that like spicy food, which I do. They pair it with cauliflower rice which is such a healthier option than regular rice.

Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry Chicken – RM 24.00
Calorie Counter: 562 Calories

Then it was time for drinks! I got to try a large variety and was pleasantly surprised by many.
– Spicy Apple: very, very good.
– Mango Berry: No added sugar and lots of berry taste. Loved it!
– Turmeric Veggie: This one might be an acquired taste. It’s definitely a super healthy drink and turmeric is known as a pain reliever. I found the turmeric a bit too strong for my taste.
– Citrus Kiwi: A bright, gorgeous green drink. I definitely was not expecting that. I loved it and would have gladly had several more glasses.


From Left to Right: Turmeric Veggie – RM 9.60, Mango Berries – RM 12.00, Apple Spinach – RM 9.60 and Citrus Kiwi – RM 12.00

And as all good meals must simply end on a sweet note, I got to indulge in some delicious desserts. But as this is a healthier menu, the dessert options follow suit and stay in the healthy category as well.

First up was the Coconut Ice Cream: I had two helping of this. It was that delicious! It was smooth and the flavor was so light and pleasant, but I wasn’t left with a heavy feeling that I sometimes get with traditional ice cream.
Lastly, I got to sample the Sweet Potato Pie. This pie had some of the best crust I’ve ever had. The filling was smooth and good, but it’s not really a dessert I’d go back for.

Coconut Ice Cream – RM 7.00/serving
Slice Seasonal Fruits – RM 11.00
Sweet Potato Pie – RM 12.00
Warm Mix Berries – RM15.00

This tasting session experience at the KLGCC was phenomenal. Bravo to the culinary team and to Executive Chef Arnold Kwok for creating a large menu full of healthier, delicious options.

Chef Arnold Kwok (right) with his colleague

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Ask me for more information or you can always call me up if you want a healthy eating partner to go lunch or dinner with!

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