Slovenia Trip – The Finale

Although it’s been 3 years since my trip to Slovenia, I never got to complete it, even after my 1st, 2nd and 3rd continuation post series documenting about the trip… But thanks to reprioritizing one of my goals in life, which is to try out cuisines from all over the world, I feel the need to share with you the awesomeness of Slovenian Cuisine which should prep you up for my next upcoming food review post of yet another type of cuisine, this time originating from Croatia!


Just a recap, it was just the 5 of us on this mission to explore Slovenia, one of the less developed country in mid-western continent of Europe. This was during 2006 Summer time, when we were having our summer break! (and when I was still a lot thinner too >.<)



Although we were spending in Euros, the prices were still relatively cheap since it’s an underdeveloped nation, though at that time it was really picking up to be a tourist destination! (which is a good thing since the helpful people there could speak a little english!). That’s why we were able to afford yummy and pricey looking food for a lot less compared to London prices!



Our meals come in huge portions, super colourful, wonderfully nutritious and uber yummy!



Heck even a bottle of mineral water costs the same as what some restaurants charge for tap water in London after conversion. Hurrah!



Some of these were documented in previous posts already and I can’t be bothered to elaborate about other aspects of the trip like where we visit and all, so here’s a few snap pics of interesting sights, including this lovely piece of shell we found!



Oh and we cycled to get around. Renting a bike was so cheap here and along with that we could exercise all the fats away!



Which is a must, since our meals basically consists of lots of meats, primarily sausages. For more info click here.

In any case, we fast forward to one of our last meals in Slovenia, in this dainty township.


They had so many multicolored cocktails which were tantalizingly delicious!



Of course alcohol was so cheap there, some of us had more than enough of it… his name is Martini ;P



One of the most amazing chick pea and leek soup, served in a beautiful glass bowl 🙂



We had fresh water fish caught from the Vintgar Gorge, roasted and flavoured to perfection.



Caryn loves her gnocchis. Do you?



Veal steaks are one of the healthiest steaks after ostrich meat, and since it was also another popular dish there, I had one and liked it, with it tender and lean meat still so juicy without the need of fats. Other options includes Stallion steaks and even bull’s penis and testicles served in special sauces, yeap, which looks exactly the same as the ones Simon and Huai Bin had in Penang. We tried that too 😛



The salads were simply gorgeous, each with their own specialty meat and sauces. (They believe in the right combination of meat and sauce which creates the dish, together with a fresh assortment of vegetables)

All in all we were never given a chance to be disappointed, of course, which is also thanks to our guide books and teh internetz which we researched before coming to Slovenia. There were a  few special  moments were so laughable that I was lucky enough to take the video below…
If you have some time, do watch it cause even now I think it’s one of the funniest video I’ve ever been in XD

With this (hopefully you would have watched all 4 minutes of the video) I hereby proclaim the end of my Slovenian Trip Post Series. Thanks to Alvin Choong, Sheng, Caryn, Yiing Ting and myself, which of whom are the best company to be with while travelling.



When will be my next travel session?

My London trip got postponed and my fully sponsored Japan trip was cancelled due to the swine flu, so I don’t know if I’m ever fated to go overseas again. Nevermind, guess we’d have to start from within Malaysia first eh, starting with my recent trip to Muar along with my makan buddies, which is also an upcoming post hopefully not too far away! 😀

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