Life of a @myBurgerLab VVIP: What do #Waterballoon and #TheHulk have in common?

The answer?
They are both super original limited edition burgers born in @myBurgerLab’s kitchen!
Therefore, I needed to get to them as soon as I could 😛

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So this is what I did: first, I abused my authority as a @myBurgerLab Very Vain Important Person (VVIP) by waltzing in with my girlfriend @Jingy_Ron, cutting the super long queue outside of the shop at 4.45pm and met all these surprised faces, staffs of the shop. Hello guys!

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Second, I proceeded to ensure that my photos (and @Jingy_ron’s, here’s) were still at the photoLab, where it’s meant to be. Should our photos be taken off, we will probably camp all day at the shop and cry and cry and cry until they put them back up. Yep, I really do love them to pieces ok. It’ll break my heart to know we’re no longer special 😛

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Thirdly, I’d take my time to make my order while the doors open, so the rest get to watch me casually at the front. Instantly I flashed my VVIP card to show how awesome @myBurgerLab guys treat their valued fans (ie me mwahahhaha) – then again, I put the card to good use lor, bringing my guys over ok! haha.. don’t kill me guys!

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Fourthly, my order, which is numbered as 1001 (ie the first) would come while others are still waiting for theirs, and I could feel their little green envious eyes looking at our freshly done first burgers of the day. Mwahahahaa

[flickr id=”8448434446″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”]

Fifthly, I GLOMPED at my first ever Waterballoon burger! What is it made of, you ask? Get this: Watermelon, Lychee and Sharp Cheddar. Probably one of the sweetest, juiciest burgers I’ve ever tasted and yet not really too weird. Priced at RM15.50, it’s a taste to try before you die!

[flickr id=”8447345235″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”]

Sixthly, I showed off around my #TheHulk burger, while taking a bite off the lovely fries that you’d never get to find anywhere else. Serious shit, guys!

[flickr id=”8448434424″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_ 640″ group=”” align=”none”]

Seventhly, I take a freaking big bite off #TheHulk. Literally, my face tore ok. Scroll below to see what happened 😛

Seriously though, this RM20 piece of humongous ass burger that weighs a ton (ok I exaggerated but seriously heavy!) is something of a you’ll-hate-it or you’ll-love-it.
Imagine Fried Avocado, Fried Egg topped with Swiss Cheese, drizzled with Green Salsa sauce and a kombu mayo spread on the buns all in one gigantic black-green mess – YEAP, it was certainly an experience that cannot be forgotten. I loved mine because I’m an avocado fan, and if you are too, or you’re feeling adventurous, GO FOR IT!

PS: Ask for The Incredible Hulk and you’ll get a double patty monster.

[flickr id=”8448434334″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”]

Finally, I leave after I makan so that others could take a seat also (see, I’m not that kind of person you want to hate ok?) but actually while leaving, I’ll snigger at the rest who are still queuing outside despite 30 minutes passed :P. Seriously though, I know you guys aren’t too happy that you need to queue (well I would have to, too, if I didn’t come early k?) but the bosses are working really hard to ensure that other branches would be opened soon – they just need to make sure that the quality of the burgers no matter where you go will be TIP TOP – and that’s the kind of promise I love to hear 🙂

You can listen more to what they have to say in this morning (or was it yesterday’s) interview with @BFMRadio through the player below. Go on 🙂

Otherwise stay tuned for more via their Facebook here and do follow them on Twitter @myBurgerLab – great and funny folks!

Pss – this was how I looked like after forcing my mouth to open up…

photo (6)

Gehehhehehehehe. Full credits to Felicia Zoe (read how she did it via her blogpost!) and to Chacha for the amazing first ever Zombie Run Malaysia 2013!

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