The Impossible – A raw perspective of a Tsunami experience

I don’t often have a desire to blog about movies I’ve watched, but this one takes the cake. I cried, sobbed loudly & uncontrollably together with the hall as we were taken for a ride watching a devastating tsunami attack on real lives. I kid you not…


It all began with a family wanting to celebrate Christmas in the warm, sunny beaches in Thailand, as happy as can be, enjoying the moment together like you and I would.

Unsuspectingly, the tsunami came without a word of warning, and their lives became a living nightmare. Real emotions tore through the characters, be it a child, to parents, to couples, and the families that were caught in it. The character build up was amazing as we see life or death decisions made by each representative, morally or immorally, taking us through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Horror, blessing, gratitude, hatred, terror, hope, happiness, anxiety, all these emotions will tear through you as the action-packed film brilliantly depicted the scenes as though you were part of it. There will be moments when you wished your loved ones around you were there as you gripped their hands, times when you wish you could help if you could, others when you feel that they should just run and rescue themselves, not caring about others, strangers, putting you into a dilemma of choices you wish you didn’t need to.

Before you know it, you would burst into tears, scream silent fears, grip your chair so tightly and trembling so hard you wish you could stop, but you can’t. This movie cleverly demonstrates the characters raw feelings through unspoken words and little bits of reactions that make up a wholesome experience that leaves you gasping for breathe at the end of the show.


What is REALLY amazing is the fact that you would not leave the cinema thinking you’ve gone through a horrible experience. It gives you hope and that slim glimmer of gratitude, enough to open your eyes to the blessed life you live, appreciating all that you have. You will want to hug your loved ones and most importantly, recognize that problems you face (or I face, as well as my other movie buddies I watched The Impossible with) is NOTHING compared to this. It will give you renewed passion you never knew existed, while understanding that this could happen to anyone, anytime, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Coupled with Ewan McGregor & Naomi Watts’s realer than life acting as well the younger actors’ amazing skills, this movie that has managed to reanimate a true story with such believable angle deserves a 10 out of 10 rating, and I’m not exaggerating this.

The conclusion? Go watch it please. Bring everyone with you. You will not regret this. I certainly did not…

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