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It’s Sunday again and I usually spend my time eating away if I’m not working or at the gym!
I am generally a person who picks vegetables, fruits and cakes as snacks whenever I could, which means I chow vegetables like I own it all whenever I could. Yet during office time, I TRY to snack healthier like yogurt bar, yogurt, fruits and well! CORN!
As you all know I have psoriasis problem which makes my food group really limited, so I have always been frequenting Daily Fresh next to my office for some corn in the cup at times. Not until I was so lucky to be invited to Daily Fresh Food Review.

How could you not know about Daily Fresh? They are established since 1997 and famous for their corn in cup and later on the extensions to more snacks! Let me share the 5 items I’ve discovered!

1. Gelato Tempo

Gelato Tempo
(So Sorry, the outlet in R&R Sg. Buloh is slightly warm. Hence, the gelato melted pretty fast upon served)

I’m a Gelato lover! My record in Italy was 4 Gelatos a day for an amazing 10 days in my trip over Italy. (Thank GOD my stomach was great and never had any misfortune happened throughout the trip!) So having more Gelato is of course a blessing to me especially during the hot weather. Daily Fresh brought the recipe from Italy to allow all their consumers to taste real Italian Gelato without the need to travel to Italy! What’s best is there’s a promotion during Ramadhan month! Gelato Tempo is selling at RM 4.90 with FREE TOPPINGS between 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014!
Hurry and don’t miss it!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo without Toppings – RM 5.90
Gelato Tempo with Toppings – RM 6.90

Flavours Available:
Black Sesame,Green Tea, Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry, Honeydew, Yogurt original, Yogurt Strawberry, Yogurt Mango.

2. IceKimo

Baby too wants some IceKimo!

IceKimo is a choice if you prefer non-dairy flavored cold snacks. They are made out of fresh fruits and ultra smooth, finely shaved ice that refreshes your tongue and sense. I find it pretty sweet with the toppings, so try to mix it up with the ice underneath too and they’ll taste just right!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh IceKimo – RM 4.20

Flavours Available:
Fruits Series: Mango, , Pineapple, Soursop, Strawberry and Honeydew.
Other Series: Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla

3. Cupcorn

Cupcorn in variety flavours. (Clockwise Sequencing): Flaky Chilli, Garlic Cheese, Mayonnaise and Original

A Daily Fresh scooping out fresh corns for us! The one in Sg Buloh R&R are friendly with a smile on them all times too (Kid you not)

Cupcorn is no doubt Daily Fresh’s iconic product. Daily Fresh’s corn are grown by it’s sister company Mah Yong in Johor before being processed into the fresh corns for consumers by using Whole Kernel “Non-Cut” technique to ensure freshness, hygiene. Daily Fresh’s corn promises users corns free of colouring and preservatives, synthetic chemicals; most importantly the golden coloured and sweet juiciness of each corn kernel are retained.
I have always been loving the original flavour. However, I tried all the flavours and even invented my new love:
Flaky Chilli + Garlic Cheese = Less spicy as the cheesy flavour neutralizes the spicy flavour and it became much more bearable!

NOTE: The Flaky Chilli is indeed QUITE SPICY. Try it and tell me what you think.

Retail Price
Daily Fresh Original Cupcorn – RM3.50
Daily Fresh Flavoured Cupcorn – RM4.00

Flavours Available:
Flaky Chilli, Garlic Cheese, Mayonnaise, Condensed Milk and Original is priced at RM3.50



Wondering what’s the difference of it with other waffles? Wafito is a Premium Waffle who got its name from WAffle, FIlling, TOpping. It’s a result of flavoured waffle with fillings. You heard it right! The bite of the waffle itself is already tasty and best of all, it comes with a variety of yummy flavours too! The unique flavours are a must tried especially the Chicken Floss and Coco Deluxe (Highly recommended by Jingy)

Retail Price
Daily Fresh WAFITO Classic – RM3.50
Daily Fresh WAFITO Premium – RM4.50

Flavours Available:
WAFITO Classic: Margarine, Blueberry, Strawberry, Kaya, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. (You get to mix any of the 2 flavours)
WAFITO Premium: Chicken Floss, Coco Deluxe, Pandan Kaya, Japanese BBQ and Nyonya Kaya.

5. Secret Pop (PopCorn)


These are premium “MUSHROOM POPCORNS” that you won’t find it in cinemas outlets, at least not with the affordable price.
Secret Pops kernels are imported from Indiana, US (yup! not locally) which guarantees bigger and crunchier corn snack. Comes in 5 yummy flavours and we guarantee you’ll love the texture as much as the price!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh “Secret Pop” Popcorn – RM6.90 – RM7.90

Flavours Available:
Black Sesame, Spicy Curry, Seaweed, Honeydew, Caramel (All flavours are priced at RM6.90; Caramel Flavoured is priced at RM7.90

Note: Secret Pop is N/A is Sunway Pyramid Outlet


Good News! Daily Fresh Ramadhan Promotion running from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014

  • Gelato Tempo with Toppings at RM4.90



  • Purchase 1 big tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn and 1 big tub of ANY flavour Daily Fresh Popcorn and get 1 small tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Daily Fresh Hari Raya Paper Bag & 1 pack of Daily Fresh Green packets (5 pieces)

a Pop Corn Gelato Display Board 1

The Paper Bag is quite cute right? It’ll be yours for free upon purchase.



Lastly, if you are heading to buy gifts for Raya, I’m sure it’ll exceed RM8, so please please print this voucher out to get a FREE Cupcorn for yourself too!

DF e-Voucher - Veronica Kong



For more details or franchise opportunity with Daily Fresh

Oficial Website:Daily Fresh
Facebook:Daily Fresh
Mailing Address:PLO 16, Jalan SR/3, Kawasan Perindustrian, Simpang Renggam 1, 86200 Simpang Renggam, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 07- 7551655
Daily Fresh Nationwide Outlets

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