Jingy has a lot of body hair… and ugly Lesions — Psoriasis

If you have been wondering what are the ugly lesions on my skin especially around my leg areas but feel very offended to ask me then you should read this!

If you think I’m an unhygienic female who doesn’t take care or bother to shave/remove/wax my feet then you should read this TOO!

If you have any skin related diseases then you should be reading this to know what have I gone through and how t may or may not help you.

How it started?
I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of 19. It became very bad to the extend skin were peeling off and a light touch using a pin could poked into my skin.

Out of desperation, my parents had been searching for the miracle doctor to heal me. I quit university for 1 1/2 years out of desperation, I was afraid of the sun, the sight of it and skin were flaking off everywhere I go. I cried for the longest time. Dad would paid hundreds to thousands every time I see the doctor and mom would bring me to every place recommended by people.

How I discovered Psoriasis?
I was 19, like any ordinary college student. I had a fever one fine day with some rashes on my neck, dad thought it was fine and sent me back to my dormitory (I was in a semi government university)

It became itchy and unbearable. I complaint but doctors said it was just allergy. I had my prescriptions and continued the day.

It became worse when it got to my arms and my waist and some on my neck, mom sought for grandma’s expertise. Soon a prediction that it was shingles, I was brought to traditional Shingles Sinseh somewhere in Kepong. Before we know what’s those weird rashes, the Sinseh rejected me with the reason it’s not shingles.

Dr. Stephen Chow of Pantai Medical confirmed to my parents that I have Psoriasis and it’s a type of genetic sickness.

My encounters with Doctors

Dr. Stephen Chow
I had a steroid jab by Dr. Stephen Chow and tar ointment and steroid prescriptions were given to me. The first 7 – 10 days were great. Until then, more pop up and we visited Dr. Stephen again, he suggested heavier medication which we took and the cycle basically repeats and the psoriasis rashes were conquering most parts of my body. — I cried every day. I do not heard of him till I saw his obituary one fine day the last few years.

Dr. Ting of Puchong
He a younger chap who looks darn serious. Gave me an unknown and unnamed jab. Same method as the previous doctor. After 2 visits, I… never see him again.

Dr. Ting of Kuala Lumpur
This is the most horrifying doctor experience I had. Upon the first consultation, he says my condition is Very Bad and MUST treat with the usage of immunosuppressant, methotrexate immediately. He said with 1 jab I can clear my skin well and have the medicines but I will need to check my liver half a year once.
After the previous 2 doctors, I believe I had enough. I rejected him and said I shall have the medication only. I never go back there again…

Dr. Jay
Young nice chap (off 30s I believe back then?) was my family doctor in Sungai Buloh. I showed him the methotrexate medication.

Dr.Jay: This medicine could only help stop your condition temporarily. It will further damage your liver… And you’re only 19 years old.

Me: I’m sad and I’m helpless yet I can’t afford to continue this torture (psoriasis)

Dr.Jay: You have a long way to go young lady. I would say do some read ups on Ayurvedic and research. It might help with reducing them.

Believe it or not, I visited him for sickness till he got transferred out of my home area.

Dr. Ranjit of Subang
Another one that uses the same helpless method. – End of Story –

I stopped all smelly cream and used only topical creams at this period. Mom cried occasionally when she sees me in pain and couldn’t sleep well. My skin were flaking off badly, I left trails of dried skin around. Kakak was cleaning my room and house more times than ever daily and helped with the boiling of Chinese herbs, 金银花 for my bath so to soften the skin and allowed them to peel in the tub. My daily live was miserable, at times, I couldn’t bend my arms up as it was so bad it harden up — I cried, mom cried, everyone loves me was saddened by my condition.

Professor Roy in National University Hospital
He’s a great guy. He only prescribed antibiotics and aquos cream. He strongly against all the strange and powerful drugs such as steroids, anti immune suppressant and even tar creams ( I believe tar creams are the same as those used to build tar roads, why the fuck would we believe it’ll heal us and put on ourselves? Right?)
We seen him about 2-3 times? Barely remember but he’s the best one I ever seen.

Also, I visited KLGH for aquos cream after I found out they prescribed the same things as Professor Roy for a small fee. Generally really professionally doctors but overcrowded and under appreciated due to all this unscrupulous docs who insist on fast results for patients.

We had seen and tried many Traditional Chinese Medicines, Ayurvedic and you name it I most likely have tried it. Hahaha..

Finally, Mom and I did many research, so we decided to take up advises from this and that and so and so and put me on a strict diet and lifestyle change

1) Chicken (I only indulge on kampung chicken once in a while — mom put on a strict QC before purchasing so I predicted my mom knows the chicken’s Date of Birth too)
2) Beef – unknown but the Ayurvedic and Sinsehs I’ve seen believed in taking it off diet
3) Nuts free diet
4) I sleep before 11pm: apparently good for the liver and the liver helps clear toxins and waste from body
5) vege vege and many of them
6) only sea salt or minimal sugar for my foods’ flavoring – no complaints
7) Alcohol Free Diet
8) Fast Food free
9) Seafood is OUT of your diet
10) Fishes are allowed but avoid such as Kembung, salted fish etc. I love SALMON and it became a staple diet =p

Judging by the list you might asked how I lived… But I get through it and my skin was back to the most perfect condition with a combination of Chinese medication I was on.

So if you still think that judging my physical appearance is who I am.. Think again! I take care of myself better than most people. If conditions were allowed, I would not left myself to be judged by publics’ eyes to conform to their ideal of BEAUTY.

I do not have photos from the worst time. My second post will be up very soon to further jotting down my 2nd war against psoriasis. 


Here are some of my photos recently 


This was taken in April, if you can see.. they are pretty reddish even from far! 





Due to my psoriasis lesions, I can’t shave or use Veet (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)



Partial healed lesion (You can see the white patches and skin discolorant)  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)



Psoriasis usually heals from within, the middle to outer parts  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)




This is the longest and MOST stubborn psoriasis I ever had. It has never left even I was completely healed back then until today.  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)


I’m currently seeing Dr Nick from ONEOsteo since last November. My flares started again on September 2013. You will definitely want to see my latest photos which will be out next week! 


P/S: I’m not a doctor nor medical practitioner, the above comments are my two cents and experiences I would like to share to everyone. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions cause I definitely did not jot down every single details here, but I would be willing to exchange information with everyone!  




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