Food Review: Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia (MR1M) at RM4 per set!

With the rise of living cost today, we should really be thinking of saving ka-chings for the rainy days that’s bound to come… Or heck, maybe you really wanted that just announced gadget & even that dress, and you can’t wait to get it now! (shhh… can’t stop looking at that new Iphone 5S in GOLD!)

What does this have to do with this post? Well, I was recently invited to attend a government initiative called the Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia (MR1M), and I was really surprised at what it has to offer despite my initial reservation about any government initiative, and bear with me here, you’ll find out soon why I say it like it is.

First, what is the MR1M? The MR1M is a program that help eases our spending on food so that we can save for other needs, supported by KPDNKK (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negari, Koperasi dan Kepegunaan) and there are currently over 3000 participating outlets throughout Malaysia. Basically what it means that these participating outlets are currently offering standard meals between RM2 to RM5, and no, it’s NOT April Fools – this is really happening!

Basically you could get a standard breakfast set inclusive of 2 slices of kuih+ a drink or perhaps a small packet of nasi lemak+ a drink is priced at RM2 (RM2.50 for East Malaysia). More unbelievably, a lunch set would be at RM4 (RM4.50 for East Malaysia) only. How does the food look like? Not bad at all.. take a look for yourself:




Each meal set will come with rice, a vegetable dish & a meat dish (either chicken, fish or beef) selected from what you see above. Some even come with an extra side of ulam+sambal! Okay, so it doesn’t look particularly better than what you’ve been eating most of the time, but hey, it’s really worth it for the ringgit spent. PS – I particularly love the choices at Medan Selera Duta, Pak Samad’s stall! His fried fish are a MUST try, so why not give it a go yourself and enjoy the affordable and yummy lunch set.



At the event, I got myself an RM4.00 selection of vegetables, mee mamak, a curry puff & orange juice. FYI, the portion is usually bigger but I didn’t want a too filling lunch hence took less than normal & added a curry puff which does not come along with my lunch set. In a normal circumstance, there is no way this could have costed you RM4 only, and that’s really what this program is all about.


hey I can hear you ask yourself in front of your mobile or computer, what’s the catch? Did the government subsidize the food cost which is the reason why they could sell at so much lesser than usual? Too good to be true innit? Well… your suspicions are understandable, but no, here’s how it’s done!

The MR1M program is voluntary and it is not financed by the government agency in any form. Basically, the stall owners are the ones who decided they want to benefit the rakyat by joining the MR1M program! KPDNKK (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negari, Koperasi dan Kepegunaan) plays an important role to attract potential business owners to join the program by giving participants of MR1M an advantage ahead of others who applied for funding under the Skim Pembiayaan Mikro Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil, which is between RM10,000 – RM50,000 in order to develop their businesses. What an incentive! It’s like telling these business owners that if you do good, you’ll get a better chance of showing that you deserve the opportunity to grow your business through revamps and restoration of their stalls. You reap what you sow 🙂



Did you have a better understanding now of how the MR1M program works? Before dropping by Medan Selera Duta as I suggested, do check out their website at 1Malaysia Pengguna Bijak ( or use their Android Apps at “MyKPDNKK” to find out more locations of their participating outlets nationwide, you might be surprised that there are a few just right next to you. Another tip to locate the outlets is by looking out for the MR1M banner and uniforms (light blue T-Shirt and brown apron). Easy right?

Don’t just listen to me. Try it yourself and share your experience by commenting below. Good or bad feedback is good so they can keep improving the initiative continuously. Cheers!

Sincerely me, Guest blogger – Jingy, the Makan Queen.

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