Graduating from Imperial College London 2007

I was supposed to write about my 5th session at The Burger Shop (yeah I’m putting on weight, HELP!) but during one of my conversation with Jess after fetching her from her place to the much talked about visit to Burger Shop by Andrew and myself, I realized I may have forgotten the real purpose of this blog; which was to document every achievement that I’ve gone through, and whatever problems I faced along the way. I guess being afraid of public scrutiny was one of the biggest reasons I stopped. Instead, it turned into a food and events blog lol.


But honestly, I think I will still be able to blog about events and food (as long as the invites keep coming, thanks all!) while at the same time scatter this blog of mine with goals and achievements that I want/will act upon, and let the world be the judge of the things I do. So this time, I have to blog about something that’s been overdue by about 2 years; my Graduation Ceremony on the year 2007.

This here is Richard Hayden, a true genius in our 25 odd class of Joint Mathematics & Computer Science degree.

The reason why we only have 25 odd people in our class? Let’s just say a joint degree course is something not many have the guts to try ๐Ÿ˜›

I definitely miss Richard, a real creme-de-la-creme material (while we were all studying our asses off, he was giving academic lectures to professors and creating his own Operating System!), he has been a big help throughout the 4 years I’ve been at Imperial College. This photo was also used in our Imperial Alumni Newsletter ๐Ÿ˜€ (of course focus was on him haha!). I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes global headlines in the near future…



This is Kevin and Aimran. They are really close buddies and yet different in so many ways. Kevin has been through the hardest of time while studying, battling against his feelings for his mother’s terminal illness (cancer) while still in University. However he’s made it through this troubled time, and although his mom finally passed away 1 week ago (after battling cancer for 8 years!), I believe he came out very excellently as an ex-EY consultant and now, running his family business. He really has his mother’s strength and will, and his father’s excellent people person skills.

Aimran however has always believed in people’s right. Disregarding most calls for biasity and corruption, he has been writing articles after articles condemning these filthy acts and those who practices it. He doesn’t just stop there, he even gives out wise responses and solutions that he hopes many will follow. Truly an honest academician and definitely one of the rare ones around.



Satwinder Kaur. I still remember at one point we were calling each other every night to talk about experiments and courseworks. He was one of the only few who trusted my point of view in many things. We helped each other right up till the end and graduated together. I will remember him as one of my good friends whom we shared so much with, including food and discussions in almost anything ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and he’s damn tall. lol.



Fellow Malaysians who graduated with me, from Civil Engineering. Some stayed to work in the UK, some are back. Vilex is finally coming back for good. I’m not complaining, it’ll be more fun to know one of the better futsal players are coming back to play with us!



Ming and Vivien… Man. They’re getting married. At 25. Enough said!



My No.1 sister, yes I make it a known fact although my friends chidded me on this so many times haha! Samantha Tock is her name and I have a post on her here. So cuuuuute la the post hahhahaha!ย  This was taken at Royal Albert Hall, so prestigious is the hall that even the most famous of artist has to be INVITED to perform here, which no money can buy! It’s located within our campus compound so by some arrangements, Imperial College graduates all have the pleasure to have this exclusive venue as our Graduation Hall.



The eldest of three sisters, Sandra Tock who recently performed in “The Prom Musical” at KLPAC as the main actress, was also here. This time the picture faces the ceremonial stage. And at the chairs where the choir resides.



See the bunch of black and white clothed people sitted behind the stage? They are the choir group and I was part of it the year before my graduation. It was an awesome feeling to be singing in front of such a huge crowd and on a beautiful ceremony. I will never be able to forget such a breathtaking experience ๐Ÿ™‚

ps- that’s me on the stage, front line, before shaking hands with the rector.



It was such a momentous occasion. I had everything. My family was in London, finally. I took them to a tour. And before that, my first love was with me too as I took her on a beautiful tour of London and the United Kingdom for 2 weeks. It was the bestestest time ever and I never wish to forget it ๐Ÿ™‚



But of course, none of these would have happened if I didn’t have such a wonderful family with me. Dr Stephen Tock, the man who taught me perserverance and provided me with everything I could ask for (he got his doctorate in his 50s, where most ppl won’t even bother studying any more). Mostly responsible for my strong people skills. Anna Liew, my mom who is responsible for my empathic and kind nature. My three sisters of course (Sandra, Samantha and Carol), who had nothing but strong adoration for me *cough* and consistently looked up to me (which sort of gave me the pressure to succeed).

Last but not least, my undying thanks to my generous sponsor who believed in me and my goals, to have helped in so many way financially while not asking anything else from me. Thank you, for if not for you I would not have the chance to study in the United Kingdom, what more in one of the most expensive town, London. You gave meย  the chance to experience the most out of my studies abroad, which so many cannot afford. Who else can say “Use however much is necessary for you to be able to concentrate on your studies. If I see there’s not enough money in your account, I’ll pump it more money for you.” I’m so blessed, so God bless you too.

Along with other men and women scattered throughout my life, of course, who has also put some sort of investment in me in one way or another. All of which have made me into what I am today. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.


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If you’re a graduate from Imperial College, please visit of whom I’m the webmaster of. Any suggestions and ideas are welcomed ๐Ÿ™‚

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