Lunch Series: (Old) Drunken Cat

Now if there was any restaurant that deserves special mention above all the other posts queued up in my drafts, it would be this one. I came back to my office a very, very happy man, feeling like I’ve just gone to heaven and back, craving for more and yet knowing the next time I’m there, my diet plans are as good as gone.

What can I say about this aptly named restaurant? The Old Drunken Cat (Lao Zui Miao) isnt’ exactly a correct translation, but it does catch attention of drivers passing by Jalan Peel nearby Taman Maluri’s, just before PGRM (Gerakan headquarters if you don’t know what it is).

I have to admit though, as and when you enter you do feel like you’re entering a shark’s den, with gangster looking people sitting down on the outside. Avoid, as you enter into their air-conditioned room filled with families and businessmen! I think it’s to be expected, since it’s quite popular and old πŸ™‚


The first thing that made me perk with interest was the starters. Now, usually you’d be presented roasted or boiled peanuts upon sitting down, but no, Drunken Cat begs to be different by giving you starch-coated peas instead lol!


Okay our first dish was the Spicy Deer Meat in Small Wok (Wok Chai Luk Yuk), which was everyone’s immediate favourite! The veal was very tender, well-marinated and (funnily enough) even the onions were so good that all that was left in the wok was pretty much oil, the banana leaf and a single piece of onion that Chong spared. Yes, it was THAT tasty boys and girls πŸ˜€


Next up we had Fragnant Vegetable Taufoo (Choy Heong Tau Foo), a dish they hold with pride as the tau foo is completely home-made, and rightly so. As you bite into that firm taufoo you wouldn’t expect the texture inside to be so fine with just a hint of brittleness, causing an imperfection so… perfect in its own ways! I simply cannot allow words to mangle my description of it, but trust me, it’s nothing like your average egg taufoo that you get in other stores and supermarkets, definitely MY favourite πŸ˜‰


What can I say about our third dish, the Yin Yang Spare Ribs ( Yingyong Pai Guat ), when the picture above speak a thousand words by itself. Watch out, your keyboard isn’t waterproof you know, wipe your dribbling saliva of your face!

Superb presentation and flavours are a perfect combination of this mouth-watering dish, where one half of the spare ribs are doused in mayonnaise mixed with sesame oil and seeds, lime juice and curry leaves, giving a thai-ish savoury taste, followed by the other half marinated with tangy pineapples, peppers and tomato sauce. What else can I say? *drools*


Our lunch ended with the Four Heavenly Kings cooked in Belacan ( Sei Tai Tin Wong ) which is pretty decent, but not especially good. I could be biased though, after tasting what I think was the Three Treasures of the Drunken Cat above, nothing would have impressed me more than something else of that kind of stature! Ah but then again, my love for petai never wavers, and thus, completed my experience in this seemingly harmless restaurant.


Restaurant Damage: 60
Car park Damage: free parking
Total Damage per person: 60 / 4 = RM15

Pretty decent, innit? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, would love to come back for more!

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