Lunch Series: Chuan Kee @ Cheras

So as usual my department, being the best department ever, planned out another long lunch break, something we do every Friday without fail. Yes, we actually drove (well, Hong did :D) all the way to Cheras to test this place out, a Hakka Restaurant called Chuan Kee. Recommended by King (he’s from Cheras) this place apparently boast of cheap but quality food, where businessmen and office staff nearby flock for their daily meal.


Here you can see King leading the crowd, with Hong our senior executive officer right behind (and watching out for that deep dip (tongue twister!) ) and tailing behind her is none other than our Miss Chai, of the snack team (we have a snack team in office, known to snack at every opportunity.)


Upon arrival, there was no confusion as to where the restaurant was situated at, not with this huge green sign spouting out clear-as-a-monkey’s-ass caption. I guess NATUREL meant that all their ingredients were not genetically modified. Anybody care to correct me? lol


Now do take a look at the surrounding… It totally preserves the “old” and “traditional” feel to it, as if you are eating inside an authentic chinese restaurant. Spot the businessmen behind; oh there’s no doubt that they are what I call them, not with all of them shouting at the top of their lungs on disputes that they shouldn’t really carry over lunch la. Respect la hor. lol.

Okay la, maybe the 2 air-conditioning unit spoiled the scene, but thanks to that I had the most comfortable time πŸ˜€ I’m always always in for air-conditioned restaurants, so call me a spoilt brat πŸ˜›


First we had the famous steamed fish in ginger garlic. This was awesome, with the fish texture being smooth, towards the rubbery side. It’s like eating smooth meat. Erm, yea, tenderized meat, I think that’s a more suitable term rather than smooth meat, no? πŸ˜‰

Didn’t had much fun with it though, wasn’t a fan of shredded gingers, and there were quite a lot of bones left. I’m just too lazy la.


Now THIS was good. It was soooo good that I placed my second bowl of rice into the tray after it’s finished, just to slurp up the saucey goodness. Stewed Yam and Pork, a dish that takes over an hour to prepare but hard to get the right texture, seemed to be the highlight of the day. Every piece of yam felt firm but melts in your mouth, together with the exciting mix of texture of pork meat and fats (which I’m sure Dupree would love) gives the dish a whole new meaning. YUMMY!


This hugified long-beans lookalike is actually called the Tau Kok. Fried with fragnant shallots and garlic, together with some aromatic roasted pork slices, it promises one of sweet and savoury flavours. They are reaaaally huge, the width alone is probably the size of your index finger. Seriously. Maybe if you eat more of these hugified long-beans you’ll get humongous in certain parts of your body that is of similar shape πŸ˜› I know I don’t need any thank you mr. ST!


Thank you Hong the Driver, King the Recommender and Chai the Eater & Tea server for this lovely experience πŸ˜€ Damn, it feels good to work for this company mwahahha… And guess what, at the end of the meal we started betting on the total amount of the bill, since King insisted that this place is really cheap. We started guessing around mid 30s and we were right!

Restaurant Damage: 38
Car park Damage: 2
Total Damage per person: 40 / 3 = RM13,
which is decent la with the stewed pork and yam and fish also ok why am i trying to justify that it’s cheap la ok enough kthanxbai! πŸ˜€

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