Kickin' Cajun Burger – KFC


I was at Oriental City that day in Colindale where I passed by the fresh counter and found out (for the first time!) how razor clams look like before they were cooked!

Do you see with your little eye the object of your desire? *click to enlarge!*

Can you imagine one of the most delicious foodstuff in the world looked like THIS before it’s cooked?! Just take a good look at that oozing piece of meat >)


The other day I spotted something new in town, something I haven’t seen before.

Turns out to be a KFC product, and at least it looks more interesting compared to that ridiculous star-shaped shwarma thingie look-a-like. Let’s not even talk about looks, it can’t even produce a decent taste!

I’m not a fan of fast-food to be honest, but I’m always keen to explore new tastes, so I thought to give it a try.

As you can see, it somehow DOES look tasty. I told myself, fine, since it’s one in a lifetime thingie (that, and I can’t afford to lose a bet with a certain someone), why don’t I give the thing a whirl

And so I head to the nearest KFC in Bayswater, as I was having a project down there for the last one week. Good pay too. Maybe that’s why I decided to give in to my normally strict no-fastfood diet. Damn.

Shockwaves of flavour? This I gotta try…

I’ve learnt never to expect fast-food chains to present their products anything close to what they advertised. This time, I wasn’t wrong, either.

Well, true enough there was the Onion Ring, a slice of Tomato, and a dose of Cajun Sauce. I suppose the chicken fillet was ever the same, and the cheese, well, just cheesy. I happen to love cheese though, so there’s one brownie point.

Gobbling up was quite satisfying, surprisingly. I suppose it IS a lot more tastier than most burgers, given the naturally bland tastebuds of the english. Maybe that’s why I took a liking to it. It’s not, however, something to rave about so I suggest you give it a try, but you won’t probably choose it over their Hot Wings, those are plain awesome!

Go ahead now, come on, having fast-food once in a while ain’t gonna kill ya!

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  • I agree, razor clams are freaks of nature but let’s face it, delicacies often look gross in their primal state. Care to look at bull’s testicules?…Ziiiiip *zipper sound*
    I said look don’t touch!…hahahaha
    Gosh I’m horrible today!… Ask Val to spank me will ya?

  • S.segal: SORRY! I thought it was spam cause there isn’t any e-mails and the msg didnt make sense at first πŸ˜› don’t kill me pls!

    Nicholas: hahaha please la it’s just a burger. wait till you read my next post! You prefer KFC compared to McD’s?

    Zenchef: Man you’re right lol. and for your information I don’t have to go looking for one down *there* cause I already had them in my trip to Slovenia *wink*

    Shit I realized I haven’t uploaded my bull’s testicles meal!!!!

  • zthon: hehe u should!

    waliz: heya waliz! cajun, with dory fish fillet! sounds yummy… sigh mr zen keeps coming up with ways to make me feel hungry :'(

    u like clams? πŸ˜€

  • You’re going downnnnnnnn fatty, DOWNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnn hahahahaha And i’m ready for my free meal, what was it again if u lose? Buffet meal at Jogoya, or smthg fancy like Shook! at Starhill right?? hohohoho anyway, winner gets to choose SO! continue with ur fast-food plz continueeee hohohohoho *rubbing tummy*

    eh btw, had abit of coincidence while reading ur post, I similarly had Razor clam and KFC during my England trip too! hahaha, err.. oops, KFC one time only la! You’re still fatter(and shorter) lol lol! *runs*

    oh wait.. *spanks Zenchef*
    *runs* :mrgreen:

  • Hello. I have just come back from the dead for christmas and whilst shopping for some tat for yoko I popped into my local kfc as I was a bit peckish.
    I had the cajun burger and asked the guy to pop in some zinger sauce with it.
    It was amazing. So remember kids just for the reeeecord that next time you pop in that you ask for a john lennon special.

    John Lennon – The Beeeeeetles.

  • I asked for a Heather Mills when I was last at KFC. NO LEGS!

    welcome back John Lennon and can you take Ringo with you this time? I’m fed up of his Thomas the Tank Engine-ness

  • Alright Lads its good we decided to make our come back on this fine establishment of a website you know.

    I’m sad to say George Harrison cannot make it to this return as he had his mind set on something else.

    Boom-boom that was my, ringo’s, idea at a joke.

    However he cant as he is with his grandma this christmas. god bless him.

    You weren’t slagging me off, McCartney, when we were high-fiving over Heather Mills not to long ago πŸ˜‰

  • arite lads sorry im late, i had my mind set on something else, i was at a titty bar most of new year and suing dave grohl for trying to look like me

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