November Ramblings

You know, I’ve decided I’m gonna post one post per day. Yes, even if I have to draft up for a week in case I don’t have time!

I wanted to do that for a long, long time. I wanted to share with everyone events that were happening, beautiful pictures of food, the Malaysian in me, so many, many interesting things. I bring my camera everywhere I go, and that helped a lot.

I found that I do have a lot of contents, just needing to come out. Needing to be exposed. They are alive.

But I am afraid. I don’t know if my visitors scroll down often, so I’m afraid they’ll miss posts that I want them to read. To be commented. To be savoured. Then again, with the miserable number of visitors I get (even with Shireen K’s help), I doubt leaving anything would have helped. HAHA. Sad, I know, come cry with me, Argentina :'(

See? The only time I had decent hits was when I got pinged for the BERSIH event. Then it’s downturn from there :'( Guess it helps that I don’t bloghop and visit others hhahahhaa

Here’s a nifty tool called WinDirStat that returns statistics about your harddisk in a very graphical way- kinda looks like somebody’s intestines, no?

My, this is beginning to look like the randomest post ever!

This is Fifi. I miss him.

This is Benji. I miss him more.

Yes I have a dog and a cat at home. They co-exist together fine, especially since we castrated Fifi. From then on Benji follows Fifi‘s ass everywhere. At least it gives him something to do other than humping clem’s legs.


I’m starting to hate this style. Ugh. Aih but what to do, somebody complained I put up too many yummylicious food pictures in my blog so they actually RESIST the temptation to read my blog!! (THAT BAD MEH?!) Okay la this post dedicated to YOU!

Wanna say something?
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