St Pats @ Malones – Colcannon+Guinness is yums!

Malones at Sooka Sentral

Okay I admit I’m not much of a drinker. However if you’re talking about FOOD infused with GUINNESS in however creative way possible, oh boy am I game for it!

Thing is, Saint Patrick’s day is here to come and what’s a better way than to celebrate it with delicious Guinness-infused sweet and mature tasting food at Malones, the Irish center in KL Sentral?

Let’s get on to the review shall we? Made possible thanks to the guys at @NuffnangMY and GAB!


Malones will be having a special menu dedicated to St Patrick’s Festival which is happening this week till the 17th of March (Saint Patrick’s Day itself!) which is really decently priced and best eaten with a pint of Guinness. Do check their website for more information, or join their Facebook page. Otherwise, proceed below for mouth-watering pictures *drools*

But before that, allow me to to share with you how easy it is to get there, as I was there for a meeting with the PwC guys for quite a number of times already- just take the LRT to KL Sentral, then walk aross the road to Sooka Sentral – simple, cheap, easy, no fuss!


Ooooh look at the beautiful pint of Guinness, black is the new gold indeed! By the way apparently Malones is (so far) the only Irish pub in town that is pork-free. I’m sure some friends I know who don’t eat pork will be much more comfortable in here (despite having alcohol around, yes :P)

In any case, let me introduce the others who were invited as well, beginning with this really friendly guy whom is well known in the world of bloggersphere and journalism…


Presenting JasonMumbles (and his line of Guinness froth at his lips ROFL!) – this guy is one humble dude and I’ve yet to know anyone who’s made an enemy out of him (and vice versa!).  Makes a perfect company to go makan-makan with as he’s a super foodie so do visit him at his blog and leave a note 🙂 ps- he blogged about it here.

P3030390 P3030391

Also there was Suanie and KY, one was my ex-wife (but still the friendliest blogger in Malaysia) and the other, a flogger/foodie who if you’ve not yet come to know, it just means you’re dumb LOL. The ones on the right are Hui Ping of G2, and May of Malones of whom we had the pleasure to meet. Thanks for being such great hosts!

Suanie has already blogged about her experience here, while KY’s is here.


Now that’s out of the way, let’s head to the dishes. First we had the Guinness Beef Stew (RM29.90). What is it? Seared beef cubes stewed in Guinness and root vegetables for 4 hours. Served with slices of tuscan bread topped with basil. While the bread provides a tasty treat by itself, you just can’t help but dip it into the thick, aromatic sauce that tasted so good. Each cube of beef lent a tender and sweet experience that makes you go wanting for more. As a fan of carrots, I loved how it blended well with the whole dish, so much so that you could taste the sweet & savoury flavour in every ingredient, nice!

P3030406 P3030410

Next up is the Guinness Beef Burger (RM24.90). What is it? Thick beef patty marinated in Guinness, served with pesto mayonnaise and fries. If I were you I’d just go for this, if not just for the brilliant patty and the pesto mayonnaise (a brilliant way to add a dash of green, a sign of St Pat’s touch here!). Not only is the burger soft and juicy, it is most importantly easy to bite into as well considering the size of the patty itself, topped with melted cheese. Huge cuts of fries are also fun to eat! (I had to ask for more mayo, best!)


After that orgasmic burgexperience, then came the long johns – with 3 different type of meat! As you can clearly see KY can’t help but drool over it, yucks 😛


The Irish Sausage on Colcannon and Guinnness Onion Gravy (RM30.90) consisted of lamb, chicken and beef sausages with colcannon. Ah yes, the COLCANNON (mentioned in the title of this blogpost) has become my favourite way to eat my mash potatoes! What is a colcannon? It’s a traditional Irish dish made of mashed potatoes and cabbage, and it really adds a different texture to the mash- brilliantly done! As far as the sausages are concerned- it’s pick your weapon time. Chicken fans will not like the lamb sausages which could prove to be a little overpowering in taste, but as a lamb lover, it was definitely my favourite! The beef came second due to it’s juicy bites and chicken, the last. The whole dish was put together wit an amazing gravy which I lapped up heartily (much to the dismay of my fellow reviewers :P)


Oh and before we move on, note this little green clover. It’s not exactly the lucky clover (of 4 petals) but hey, it’s cute, no? It’s eatable, so do try it 😛


Finally (as we didn’t get to try the brownies that time) came the Malones Beef Ribs with Guinness Sauce (RM29.90). What is it? Braised beef rib with spices, cooked in a low-flamed oven and served with mashed potatoes. Meat galore. Easy to eat. Tender. Juicy. Lacking of sauce but hey, each spoonful is an orgasmic experience. By far my favourite dish and the most worth it (seriously) so do take this up, and let me know how it went for you, cause I can’t remember what happened to me apart from the explosion of taste and texture in my mouth. Only thing I wished is for the green mash potatotes (it’s pesto,btw) to be replaced ith Colcannon. Nothing beats that one, serious!

Oh God, that was brilliantly wonderful. Now to just sit back and enjoy my pints of Guinness 🙂


Again I repeat: this special menu will be available at Malones from now till St Patrick’s Day (17th march). On that day itself, that you can join in, which will depart from Malones @ The Curve at 6pm, and you will get to eat and drink on the bus, all the way to your next 3 stops – Malones KLCC, Malones Pavillion and finally Malones Sooka Sentral where the party continues all night long – all for RM99 nett! To summarize, it’s going to be free-flow of Guinness and food. Nuff’ said? Purchase your bus tickets from any of the Malones outlets then 😉

[download id=”4″] Download the brochure here for your reference!


Overall it was a great experience here at Malones… The right ambience (dim, cooling), right crowd (the people who visit here are professionals- no annoying kids!) and of course, a great makan company will always make everything better for us. Thanks Jason, KY and Suanie – it was great having a good makan time with you guys.

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