A Tribute to Going Merry


The past few days have been a lot of One Piece for me, and this is a tribute to Going Merry for taking care of Luffy and Company the past 312 episodes.


Here’s to Going Merry, my outgoing tears aplenty weep for your demise, sacrificing everything to save your important nakamas. You will be sorely missed.

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  • Wa you oso watch one piece one ar… Cant imagine… haha… I havent been watching for 1 year only… guess it’s time for me to continue =)

    (Aiya… this episode quite spoiler to me as I had only watched till 200 sth episode)

  • -742-: Heyyyy!! Why you cheat!! Go to that website and start loading from 200 onwards hehe, it’s soooo goood!

    Yeah I same as you until I found that website, it’s damn good right the quality? Though it loads slow, that’s why you should open a few windows, then go do something and come back later and watch, like I did non-stop for 16 hours 😛

    Going Merry soooo saaaad I cried man. Oh and I watch every other anime series under the moon hehe

  • chris? crying over anime? 😛

    hahaha im just teasing dont belasah me ok.. i admit there were a couple of anime that were quite heart-tugging. try Grave of the Fireflies – it’s morbidly depressing.

  • -742-: CORRECTO! then now i got so much free time ma watch all at once la, catching up is so fun because you don’t get that hanging feeling when u want to know what happens next 🙂

  • clem: what, not cool is it! do i look like i care hrumphh! i am who i am okay, i may not look like it but touching things, no matter how small it is, makes me cry because there’s not such thing as too small a deed one! 😀

    Nah, watched that and all others. i need to really connect to characters first, and after watching one piece for 310+ episodes it’s like part of my family 🙂

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