I miss Four Seasons

with the Lengmou gang of the now defunct http://lengmou.blogspot.com fame. I was revisiting my history files (aka archives) and stumbled upon this very nice memory of Ewe Tiam aka Boss Stewie aka Timothy as you all know by now and his side-kick Boss Lepton, one which shot to fame and the other ended up working in London, which is at least making more money than I am freelancing hehe.

I did say in the entry that all of us will one day be “someone” in the future. Yes, because of our love for Four Seasons roast duck in Bayswater, London. Heck, it’s even so unnaturally fanatic that as of now I’ve already eaten more than ONE duck by myself (not healthy, I know :P) at one time! Well, from the group, one of us made it (CEO of Nuffnang), another is now in Deloitte‘s and seem to be having fun chauffered around in a limousine, one has recently earned his favourable reply and, well, suffice to say I’m last of the pack. I hope I can carry on my goals and dreams, and never, ever, EVER, give up in my life!

They say a way through a guy’s heart is by their stomach… So it’s no joke when 3 freshly roasted ducks became the source of reason as to why the lengmous’ (aka Boss Stewie & Boss Lepton) decision to continue blogging for the world!! Three cheers for the Bosses!

Initially I really wanted to beat Boss Stewie’s record of 5 ducks for 4 people… That’s a whopping 1.25 duck per person! Unfortunately Qi Zhen decided that he doesn’t want to spend so much money we decided against it and settled for 3 ducks instead, to feed 5 people. That’s just 0.6 duck per head, not good, not good at all πŸ™ Still, we had 2 tau foo dishes and vege to go with it which makes a very yummy dinner!


That’s Qi Zhen saying “Me no money for ducks, but if Boss Lepton chiang then lai lai ducky ducky I wanna eat youuu!

So here we were, at Four Seasons (again!) and having the time of our lives eating ducks, which turned from this:

to this

in less than 20 minutes… hence we thought that we should proceed to order another tau foo dish (a boss stewie favourite) and another whole roast duck! Crazy? I know!


Boss Lepton admits defeat to Boss Stewie

To commemorate this highly auspicious event, I even presented the Bosses with free tickets to any movie at any VUE cinema, for anytime and day! Perfect for a little “catching-up” ya know? That is, with Boss Stewie’s gay tendencies I mean πŸ˜€

We finally ended the day (and effectively my last outing with the Bosses EVER in London) with a group picture, consisting of (from L to R): Boss Stewie (fatty), Boss Lepton, Me, Zhon Wei & Qi Zhen.

Life is certainly very good these days :mrgreen: I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future… although it may be riddled with problems and whatnots, I will always cheer up thinking of these silly things that happened in my life (which incidently, one of them, I found out, was that Boss Lepton has a very scary way of walloping oranges like yam-ing sui only… we had to fight the oranges off him!!)

That was during 1st of June 2006. Man, how does time fly! Anyways guys, I promise you, this will NOT be the end of me. πŸ™‚

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