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Eh you tell me can die or not, this stupid handsome Ang Choon Seong of the fehmes He one day posted this la, I tell you I can suffer and vomit and die okay. Why? WHY?! Why you see this and tell me why!

*an excerpt from ang’s blog*
Side dish for today:

Spot the different?

Chris Tock. and…..

Steven Lim

NB: I terdiscovered that this steven lim shared the same lifelong philosophy with me as well. But he went a few steps forward. Check out his blog. And instantaneous puking warned. Hahahah..

(ala..say ppl….)


Cause hor, he himself think he’s the hensemest person in the world!

*an excerpt from ang’s blog*
The second poll (POLL B) is:

Do you think the above hansome gentleman is handsome?

1. Yes of coz, he is so hot.
2. Surela, the hottest.
3. Super duper triple nipple hansome~!!!

Okayla that picture doesn’t do justice. He actually looks like this:

“Why? Why Ang? Why are you so Smart and Hansome? Why?” <– Quoted from Ang

Okay la so saying he’s handsome maybe true, but wahrao he ownself say NO SHAME SHAME ONE! Eve can testify for me. She calls him the “buaya“. Later also I found out Shizune also feel the same way. See, I’m not the only one okay.

Or sometimes the funniest person in the world also got.

*an excerpt from ang’s blog*
Why? Why?

Why I am not funny? Why?

Why? I am confused. I thought i am funny.

I tried so hard to be funny.

But recently, i discovered that I am not funny.

Actually hor, he’s really funny one. He can even make the whole soilek action seem like a joke (ok la not that funny la but still)

Most of the time he either makes sense or nonsense. Sometimes a little of both. Sometimes he does funny adverts. Sometimes he attempts to do a food review, but sorry la bang, fail man!

Aiya but in the end hor, I will never forget him as the person who invited me to play in a football tournament in his team kat Sheffield Games 2007, without even meeting me before. WHAT TRUST!!

You know we love you Ang Choon Seong ๐Ÿ˜€
*phewiittt siapa orang hensem tu!*

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