Studying and Studying and Studying {repeat to infinite }

Okay, I’m officially starting the *true* exam as how my Swede friend, Johannp, deems it to be. (Notice when I said “my Swede friend” it really sounds like “my sweet friend”…. when obviously it’s not! *forgive my pun*).

Don’t bother checking back in these 5 days, I’m most likely to be out of order. That is, if you DO check this site frequently :p
To date, I have already 270 unique hits, and I can see most of them came from UK and Malaysia, my supporters *awww*
You can check this out by clicking on the link above that states “Spinzer’s Stats”.
By the way, the counts do not include me as well as by refreshing the pages, try it to find out!

Just wanna shout out to my princess Salha and dear friend Him as they have stuck by me through these years, though we’re so far apart.. Thank you so much guys.

P.s- before I leave you hanging, let me recommend reading Amar’s and Johan’s BloG site on your left… they seem to have interesting things up!

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No Mood

Exactly what I mean. No mood.
I’m sorry I’ve not been updating recently.
There’s nothing I can do.



Other than taking pictures, that is. Come see some of my great shots at the ICUMS forums

And also undertaking a new project called Mangalib: coded as Mangalib Super 2004 by Johan, leader of the Baka Programmers (e-mail at…. or something like that. :p).

Aiyah, that’s it for now la. Really no mood. X(

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LogicaLitieS oF SciEnCe

You can’t believe how someone who has always relied on his great LOGIC to go though life,
and suddenly when faced with a LogiC exam, stutters uncontrolably and thus continues to
become an unLogiCal student who he never was.

I am such a he.

In other words, LogiC exam was crap as well. I can only hope that others feel the same way too,
and that the pasing graph will decrease exponentially, in hope that the pass level would go as low
as the Record-holder in Labamba (recall two people holding a bamboo, and some phreaky guy
gets down, lower and lower till his back could have touched his arse). Forgive my verbosity.

4 letters. C   R   A   P.

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Programming 2…..

…. Didn’t look too good :'(

I am panicking, but it’s no time to panic. Heck, all I want now is to just pass, so that I can start over again next year in my Second Year… Is that too high a request?~!!?!?

Damn… Aaanyways, in an unrelated story, I finally found and secured a superb accomodation. Pics will be up, and I have done all the research I can on it too. One things for sure: it’s 15 minutes maximum walk from this house to the school. And another surprising thing is that: it’s situated riiiiight in front of Harrods!!!

Also, I cooked fish meat for the first time today. Some kind of fish called “Plaice” and you know what? I’ll rather stick to Pomphret anytime, anyday. (it was just for 90p for 3 slices, good deal though ^^)

See you again, after my next paper, Logic, if I manage to live through it, that is.. 🙁

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