SmileyChat – [Warning: Contains 18SX Elements]

Yesterday I had a veerrryyyy gay smiley chat with our own super-gay friend.
Finito :: Me
Insomnia :: Keat


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Achievements up to date since: Last FInals Exams 2004

1.   Watched Maburaho Series Complete (24 Episodes)
2.   Watched Van Helsing (in Cinema)
3.   Watched Gothika (in Cinema)
4.   Watched Gunslinger Girls Series (10 Episodes)
5.   Successfuly avoided people.
6.   Successfuly completed duties with minimal effort.
7.   Successfuly burned 40 CDRs worth of anime for backup purposes
8.   Successfuly went through first phase of packing up.
9.   Successfuly built a friendly relationship with my Britty roomie
10. Successfuly sorted out moving equipments
11. Successfuly visited countless of restaurants during exam period.
*UPDATES* 12. Watched Read Or Dream Series Complete (26 Episodes)

To-do’s List

1.   Change booking flight from 29th of June 2004 to something else
2.   Start 2nd phase of packing up.
3.   Clean up the room
4.   Perform website maintainence.
5.   Eat something
6.   Learn up on Prolog and Matlab.

Not a complete list, will be edited & updated accordingly. Any questions? Put down some comments!! (yes, you too, father)

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The Total Crush Down

That’s it. It’s finally over.

I’m too lazy to write more stuff, other than saying that I will probably build a more professional looking site, as opposed to what you see now.

Sleeping time zzZZzzz

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MC1MF Today; M1P2 Tomorrow; M1P1 Threeday; Reasoning Fortorrow!

Can’t wait for the week to be over!!
After these exams, I’ll have loads of other stuff to do!
*rubs hands in glee* hohohoo *drools*

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