Da Vinci Revelations

Da Vinci Code eh… The movie, moreover. Is it such a heresy to watch the show, if not studying it as a kind of jest to the religious society as a whole? I for one have never believed in a “Corporate Religion“, a term I coined in one of those occasional(-ly high strung) debate with my fellow debaters on sociology topics. History? Conspiracy? All these sound like the far-from-perfect nature of human beings: the very core of our existence. Even the most God-fearing people can be ever so sly, so long as they believe it is for the good of the cause which may or may not be a product of influences they have accumulated throughout their lifetime.

But again, is watching it a heresy? Read closely as the tale unfolds..

I know a cousin who’s had his Magic: The Gathering cards burned to smitherins for apparently “promoting heresy-fying behaviour amongst impressionable youngsters”. The cards were given by his friends to him by good faith, pure and loving friendship. Harmonious behaviour, wouldn’t you say? Instead, with the single act of “cruelty for kindness” showed by his mom, a devoted Christian an a avid church-goer, a darkness is formed in the little corner of his heart with questions that remain hidden as to why his mom would do such a terrible thing. In his mind were questions like:

Why mommy?
Why burn harmless cards that would normally cost hundreds?
Why are you doing something which could make me lose my friends?

Why indeed… It is a sorry sight, and as a Christian myself (with my own believes in Jesus Christ and God, obviously by the Word of the Bible of course) I could do nothing but to watch in silence…

I personally believe that so long as you hold the faith true in your heart, you could be doing anything from eating foods that have been prayed on by the Buddhist faith to praying along with your fellow muslim friends (especially when you’re caught in one of their prayer times ie in camps, before eating etc etc) so long as you know who you’re praying to. In fact, by trying to NOT to do these things (or preventing it from happening) you basically acknowledge the presence of other gods other than God, a definite CONTRADICTION indeed!!

Anyway I’ve watched Hard Candy as well, and found it disturbing indeed. Reminds me too much of my little sister, who I can’t wait to choke-slam again >) Home-bound in 1 month’s time, here I come!!

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  • we r suppose to be more tolerance of things and see things in better light when we have a religious heart.. instead society becomes so defensive over each other religious turfs, so insecure of own faith and comes the hatred… it’s so… so… pointless to so religious…. aih….. religions has cause more wars than anything itself.. looking at the history of mankind ….

  • watching or reading the da vinci code is certainly not heresy. if you believe it is purely fictional, then why, it’s just like reading any other novel or watching any other movie (albeit one with a rather silly/outrageous plot that is disrespectful to christianity)! in my opinion, the one thing that should matter is exactly like what you said – to know what/who you believe – but i’d take that one step further by saying that you should also make it clear to others who watch the movie with you, what your beliefs are (e.g. that you absolutely do not believe Jesus Christ married and has a bloodline!). just to make sure it does not become a stumbling block to others. (=

  • may: exactly =) of course i did.. I was with Nik Azmi and we did talk after the movie about several incidents that are (according to the bible) very ambiguous… you know very well if humans want to see things their way, they can 😉

    to quote Upton Sinclair
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

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