[PSA] Credit Card Scam Call by RHB Bank Malaysia

It’s a lovely Sunday after the pour from Dawn….

Woke up at 11am…

Got a call at 1.30pm from my Celcom voicemail box with a really interesting message.


Listen to it here:


The number called was from 03 – 9206 8228 which after Googling, it is indeed the number from RHB Bank Customer Service.


Here’s the catch:

1) I do not own any RHB Credit Cards.

2) I did not swipe anything with the mentioned amount of RM3972.00

3) IF you are really calling for confirmation, the system would not go into any voicemail. They will just call me again for verification purposes. I know this because I’m familiar with my cards’ limit and my spending pattern/amount that my bank will call me for. Back to voicemail, it’s a complete no brainer because I can’t press any number right even if I did used it!

4) My experiences with credit card for my banks has been exceptionally “personalised” when it comes to calls as such. They usually call me with real human for confirmation instead of pressing any keypads to proceed.

5) For the smaller amounts, I usually get SMS-es IMMEDIATELY less than 5 minutes after my purchases.

6) In my opinion, the voice sounded really fishy, the spoken English has a tinge of Pinoy slang instead of the usual automated voice by banks transactions…

7) In my opinion, automated tellers/voice from legit corporates (Celcom, Maxis, Bank, etc) will announce your legal rights of getting the phone conversation recorded for professional purposes.

8) I’m not the only one who got the call today, a fellow blogger friend, Ellie Toh has received it too within the same time frame.


Scam as such are getting more rampant. Do be careful when you pick up any calls which requested you to proceed by pressing keypads or speaking to operators. If you do own a card from whichever banks or financial instituitions that calls for verification on transactions that you DID NOT PERFORM, either say no or call the bank number to clarify the issues.

Know your rights and know your own credit card usage well. Be safe Folks 🙂

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