Retro Games, Revisited! Only 80’s babies will get it 😁

So I’ve got a great blast from the past recently when a friend of mine Calvin Ngai, who manages his own chain of hotels (woohoo!) got himself a super familiar looking gadget… Can you recognise it below?!

Yeap if you’re born in the 80’s you’d recognise this as a Genius lookalike, or the Nintendo SNES! Man… Now this one cartridge packs over 400 games haha, amazing right?!

This used to be my favourite game! Do you remember the name? Years later, this one is actually pretty boring lol… Which brings me to..

This game!

What a super retro intro right haha. If you don’t remember where this game comes from, the next screen should trigger a familiar memory…

Yeap it’s Double Dragon! Almost forgotten all the fancy moves too, like being able to throw the enemy while jumping. The nostalgia!

Aaaaaaah right now I can’t stop playing this game, best with two players too haha! Do you remember the name of this game?!

Finally, the most competitive game ever haha! How far can you go? I got pass the blue monkey if you remember 😁

In any case these are truly THE games to play at that point of time when there weren’t many choices. Twin Bee & Gradius became my favourite ones and I still play until today, one of the best shooter games lol. What was your favourite, do share!

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#MakeMagicEveryDay Series – Save Time & Make Money with TechHacks

So what on earth is a TechHack you ask?  Well, it’s like LifeHack lah, except the hacks has everything to do with technology to help you improve your life. And I’m not talking about playing games to destress, but actually using technology to help you earn a living, build your brand, grow your popularity and more!

This article is the 3rd of my #makemagiceveryday series, and unlike its first (my 6 tips on what it takes to be an entrepreneur) and second (how to select your ultimate Bond weapon) predecessors, this one will take you on a number of handy tips to help you save TIME and make MONEY. Interested? Read on…

BUT FIRST, a little bonus for you before that – Both Microsoft & Intel Malaysia are currently running a contest where users who purchase a brand new participating 2 in 1 PC can stand a chance to win RM500 shopping vouchers between 18th February to 3rd April! If you’re looking at a new machine for 2016, it’s a good time as any to use up this offer <3


Find out more by visiting!



So you’ve heard that the Edge is finally here, inbuilt with Microsoft Windows 10. It is arguably one of the best upgrades you’ll find among other Microsoft native applications that came along with it, thanks to the amount of synergy it has with each other.


Can’t believe me, can you? Don’t worry, I started with a lot of skeptism too. That’s why ever since I came on board the campaign I basically forced myself to work with the Edge in order to give it a fair evaluation and to feel the difference. Good news? Nothing changed for me except for a little layout issues with uncompatible websites. Otherwise all major functions like internet banking, working with online softwares and most importantly, playing games on Kongregate worked as normal.

In fact, I realize that I could open more than 10 tabs and still not get that overpowering memory eating ability I get from Chrome! So that’s also a plus point.  So what’s the downside? To be honest I haven’t seen any really. I guess that’s a good start right? So here comes the additional time-saving feature…



Now this is one of the integration efforts that actually makes sense! With the Microsoft OneNote embedded into Edge, I can basically do this…


Then select my weapon…


Then make some important-sounding comments…


Save it on my OneNote made accessible on cloud anytime, everytime

2016-03-11 (1)

Or send it to my colleagues who would understand all my instructions in super clear visual form, eliminating any room for mistakes!

2015-12-01 (7)

Now how about that? Remember those days when you had to download screen capture apps, or to use the cumbersome snips tools? For me I had to use one of my browser’s widget to do the trick. Apple users out there can use shortcuts, but lack the instantaneous sharing feature. All in all, this trick has made me cut down my time spent on giving instructions etc to at least half!!! You can see why too, right? What do you think of this feature? 😀



Okay, now bring yourself back to the image I shared above. See that Mail app? Honestly although I switched to Windows 10 a few months back, I never bothered to use native apps – in fact I didn’t even know Windows had an App Store equivalent called Windows Store (A+ for originality LULZ)

2015-11-30 (1)

But hey, why not give it a spin right. So the ever curious me found out that the Mail app was really easy to use, and most importantly, it’s been integrated in more ways than I could count! Actions that used to take me 5-6 clicks have now been reduced to 2, thanks to the sweet combination of predictive next action steps and the new action sidebar popping up on the right side of the screen.

2016-03-11 (4)

More importantly, I can load in all my e-mail accounts now that they no longer restrict themselves to just Outlook and Hotmail. So, I could really navigate anywhere, be able to share anything including files of all types and select my choice of e-mail to send it out with, important for someone like me who is part of one too many companies and organisations haha.

All in all, I kind of forgotten how it feels to operate a native app, as opposed to web-based experience like the Gmail. I’ve lost all confidence native apps that I forgot how much more powerful and speedy it is supposed to be, and yes, I did save a lot of time thanks to Mail App!

Try giving it a spin, it’s honestly pretty amazing <3



Ever had to work in a team? At some point, you have to, even as a freelancer! Why? Because then, your client is also part of your “team” as you work alongside each other in a campaign or contract right?

That’s where the OneNote comes to play. It’s a huge upgrade from what OneNote used to be, and coupled with the OneDrive, it has become the One.


LOL. Jokes aside.

Now remember how in Point 1 I could save whatever I want to say about the web at my OneNote? Here’s the next step: imagine that particular OneNote book is shared with multiple users. Wallah, instant information transaction reducing the chances of miscommunication to NIL!

The days of new apps being built to help with collaboration started because there wasn’t enough juice coming from the OSes. With the OneNote/OneDrive/Edge combo, you can literally feel the transformation happen right in front of your eyes. Maintaining standard reports, sending changes done to the team, working with others who are miles away, or just sharing a little note of love for family members has become this easy…


This should help you create even more opportunities to take up jobs you’ve never dared before, afraid of lack of time and resources. It did the trick for me, my efficiency level has soared to greater heights ever since I found all this shortcuts, and there’s probably more yet to be uncovered haha!

Or it could be just because I love my Spectre so much to I feel motivated to work.

Yeah, that’s probably the real answer. *grin*


So what do you think of all the techhacks I’ve shared so far? I’m pretty sure this is the first time you’re reading about this because Windows 10 is really new, and most don’t find the need to explore what it can truly do. Coupled with the latest Intel 6th generation processor which does the impossible like adding to the power & speed while increasing battery life, you can truly do wonders with technology to help you in your entrepreneurial world as well as your life.

At the very least, solving a lot of your current problems in the fastest speed will allow you time to learn more skills on your own. Coding and creating websites is fast becoming a need in this connected world, and the last I checked, a good web developer on hire can cost up to RM6,000 per month! There’s truly an economy to take advantage of when you’re techsavvy, and that’s what I tell myself everyday to keep me motivated 😛

Make-Magic-Feature-ImageYes, super motivated because my techhack has gotten me to be on the official Microsoft website <3

Well, feel free to share constructive comments about what I shared here and if you have any more tips and tricks you’d love to share, do comment. There’s always room for more magic 😉 Check out to find out the best Microsoft x Intel combo you’ll want to get to prepare yourself for a great year of 2016!

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The Cigar, The Ambiance, The Drinks, Only At The Divan @ Bukit Damansara


Dear diary,

I stumbled upon a gold mine recently. A gold mine so beautiful, I had to go back many times in order to appreciate the ambiance – a mix of smokey cigar skies, a hint of sexy cologne and wafts of the sweet scent of good whisky. The perfect place to strike million ringgit projects for sure.

Located at Damansara Heights, the medium sized haven is one of the few cigar bars that serves a good mix of top quality alcohol as well as Dilmar tea, suited for those looking for an intimate night be it with your partners, investors, or that sophisticated lady you’re looking to impress.


Opened by a group of young chaps who knows what living quality life is all about, The Divan is meant to be a quiet spot with two main areas – the lounge where the bar is, and the VIP room upstairs. Both show exclusivity with the usage of premium furnitures, cosy spaces and exceptional service as expected from a premium spot.


And impress it did, says Katherine, who had no problems finding the venue situated right behind the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre, near HELP University.


Introducing Jeremy Tay, one third of the founders who is responsible for, well, one third of the operations here. He gladly took us around and got us sorted with some ground rules, ie, no vaping allowed. Yeap, The Divan is exclusive to cigars and cigarettes – not for the faint hearted, but for those who want to take anything to the next level. Like our uber cool portrait photos.


Now that’s how you smoke your cigar.


Good friends are meant to have a drink together, cigar in hand.


Cosy, friendly, it’s the perfect place to meet and get to know one another – both new and old friends.


So what are you waiting for? For reservations, call 03-2011 5588 or find them on Facebook.

IMG_6653Dear diary, that’s all you need to know. For those who want to visit The Divan, I suggest calling them beforehand to reserve your space.

The Divan is located in Wisma E&C, in the affluent neighborhood of Damansara Heights in KL. They also serve Cuban cigars, Scotch, Ceylon tea & coffee.

2 Lorong Dungun Kiri, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Or just click for the map here:

They open from Monday to Fridays 12.00pm to 1.00am.
Saturday 3pm to 3am.

Sekian. Oh wait, one last thing – the person who took all these gorgeous shots are none other than @KendyLife, Malaysia’s top Doodler and influencer.


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#MakeMagicEveryDay Series – Here’s how to be a Bond in Business

After watching Spectre of the Bond series, tell me: what is that one thing Bond cannot live without?

I’ll tell you what, it is the technology. The Bond girls comes and leaves, agents dies too often, everyone’s room is his own, and I can go on and on. But he does not say NO to technology, that even his classic ride in the movie could churn out state-of-the-art weapon systems.

Here’s a tip – you can be Bond too. Not the Bond who assassinates, but the Bond, in Business. Instead of having high tech weapons, you get high tech state-of-the-art lumps of metal to churn you important data and create engagements across the seas we call, the computer. But not just ANY computer – you get a laptop so personalized to your needs and completes your classy look, you’ll even carry it around like an accessory when it’s out of battery. Like mine *grin*

What am I talking about? It’s the uber cool HP Spectre X360.
Equipped with the ever dependable state-of-the-art 6th Gen Intel processor and Windows 10 of course 😉

I’ve been in love with her ever since I first gave it my virgin experience.

Here’s why.



The HP Spectre X360’s silver matte colour and combination of sexy curves and lines gives it a very fashionable look! There was a time when I had to think twice before pulling out my previous laptops in front of my client, and wishing that they won’t judge a creative enterprise from my bulky machine – no more of that! Pride is what you wear when you own this beast with its metallic finishing.

Why does this matter? Tip: giving a great impression raises your chances of securing the job, so do it like a Bond 😉



Just another look from the back while it is still closed. Sturdy, sexy and reliable, just what you need on an everyday basis!




No matter how you look at it, this thing is a piece of art. How they managed to give it a fashionable look while fully retaining its power, is what I call evolution beyond expectations. Look at the keyboard, it’s sexy as hell you gotta admit it! At the very least I’d commend the keyboard as it is really easy to use, smooth to touch and lights up in the dark. I do work best in the best conditions, and so do you I’m sure.


Oh wait, did you know that the HP Spectre X360’s battery can last at least 6-8 hours for me? Now you do, and even then, the Intel Core i7-6200U Processor inside powers up the beast to a speed that’s so smooth, it fits is label of the Spectre, the Bond of all laptops.

Stability & endurance is what you need when you are fully focused on your goals. The HP Spectre X360 is just that.


Yes it literally does! You’ve no idea how many countless of expression I’ve seen whenever I do the “flattening” act. Even my compatriots in the #MakeMagicEveryday campaign, Sabrina & Shawn Lee were jealous of my Spectre (no pun intended). In business, you’ll be looking to work for people who will bend over backwards for you – so why not start with the machine which is going to help you achieve your dreams?

Oh and you know what else bends backwards for you? The amazing speed in which Windows 10 switches between being a laptop and tablet. Damn.


Surprised at the way it naturally acts as a tablet? And an uber cool one at that? Or just at how messy my table is? Ignore that. In fact, a messy mind is an indicator of a genius, I read yesterday, so don’t judge 😛

But hey! Most laptops can do that now with Windows 10 available for upgrade on most (legal) machines. So how does my Spectre win this round? Clearly by its SPEED. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve no longer a need to keep my iPad and laptop in my bag making it look so bulky. This two-in-one beauty is sturdy enough to become my work companion yet light and flexible enough to turn into my tablet, and the switch happens in a matter of seconds with the help of Windows 10’s sidescreen controls (more about that in my next post!)

Yes it stands out the way I wanted it to, and the speed & sturdiness gives me so much confidence that I’d never fear the Spectre to stall when prepping for presentations. PEACE OF MIND YO!


In the end, to be a Bond in Business, you know your handy tools has got to be versatile. You don’t have enough space to take with you everything, yet at the same time you want to keep them to a minimum so you don’t look like a bumbling fool. Which CEO you know walks around with a lot of bulk on their body? Case closed.

That’s exactly why having something so multipurposely fashioned is important to be inside your arsenal of weapons. The HP Spectre X360 not only does all of the above, it can even work as a presentation screen on-the-go and STILL make you look good, thanks to the seamless synergy it has with Intel and Windows 10!



If bending over backwards isn’t enough, the Spectre literally transforms itself into whatever you want it to become. In the process of doing so it doesn’t even lose its cool-factor, case in point as above! By the way, I have to add that the user interface is so well thought of compared to other makes of the same device – do you know how important it is for the power inlet and the power button to be on the same side? I’ll let it simmer in your head.



Seriously though, versatility is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur must have in order to survive through waves of difficulties. Even now as I blog about the Spectre, I’ve got some end of year issues I have to solve but thanks to knowing how to manage the issues and having my teammates at my back – it didn’t become too much of a problem. To that respect, I readily admit that the HP Spectre X360 is one of the best laptops I’ve used in my entire lifespan, being so versatile, fast, long battery life and supports my favourite apps on Windows 10.




Yes, I like what I see, #WIN10.

I’m also readily admitting that while this unit is on loan to me for the purpose of “making magic”, I’m already preparing to buy this exact unit to accompany me for the next 2 years of my life – that’s how much I’m willing to testify for this Bond Beast we call Spectre.


How about you? What’s the weapon of your choice? Do share, especially you Apple lovers – let’s see how are able to defend your machines against my beast!
If you don’t have any yet, I’d recommend you to head to, you’ll be able to find out the best laptop ranges for you spanning multiple brands according to the person that you are. Get your Bond weapon sorted for 2016 and you’re set for life.

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