Finally!! Sushi Buffet in Gili Gulu…. or is it Gulu Gili?? Guli Gilu?!?!

Ahhh… Gili Gulu Japanese Restaurant, located near Aji Ajo Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant (which is our next target), boasts an offer of an complete set of Sushi Buffet for just 13 pounds. They were smart: they have applied some rules so that people could not take advantage of the buffet by eating just the valuable food. Not only that, unlike Malaysian style buffet, these were all Sushi (as in, not Sashimi) which means that it comes with rice, and noodles too. (This means that their target is to make us feel full eating less). No cawanmushi, no other misc. Jap food. No nothing. Thus, the five of us (me, Hing, Goldman and his 2 other friends, Wing and Queenie) journey into the world of money-making, greedy fools.

That would have tricked/stopped/deter us from making them lose money, but unfortunately for them, we have :-
   1. Only 1 girl ( though I must mention, she can eat a lot more than she looks!) among 4 guys,
   2. 4 among them who have experience getting the best out of a buffet in London,
   3. 5 of which have an appetite of a huge-sized boar,
   4. 1 which is able to consume a certain sweet and salty sea-weed dish that tastes like piss,
   5. 1 which is able to consume 5 bowls of Cold Soba Noodles ( though he only ate 2 ), and finally,
   6. 1 of which has a stomach capacity of 200% ( he ate up to 160% )

These were the rules for the buffet ::-
   1. Penalty, for every uneaten food: 1 pound per sushi rice, 2.50 per bowl of noodles. (effectively avoiding food wastage)
   2. Time limit: We reserve the right to reserve the table after 70 minutes from your arrival. (As opposed to unlimited hours elsewhere)

Hence, we planned to disrupt their business for all of their unfairness 😉
How? By :::-
1. Finishing 108 plates of assorted sushi (mainly salmon, squid, eel and…. beans?)
2. Finishing 1 very hard to eat, very horrible tasting, very disgusting looking sweet and salty seaweed!!
3. Finishing 4 bowls of noodles

Assuming one plate of sushi cost 2 pounds (minimum) and a bowl of noodle cost 3.50 pounds, we have :-
                  2.00 * 109 + 3.50 * 4   =   232 GBP !!
And we spend 13 pounds each, which after drinks charge and gratitude(!?!??!?) tax,
we paid a total of                               75.67 GBP

Thus we conclude our chapter leaving Gili Gulu earning a large sum of -156.33 GBP and us, well, we went back home with a heavy stomache, satisfied feelings and looking forward to another “revenge” session with Gili Gulu, this time with target of 125 sushi dishes and more than 5 bowls of noodles, right, guys? 😀

Partner’s in Crime
Partner's in Crime

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Back and tougher than ever!

With my own host @, I’m back bigger than ever and will expand my skills infinitely!!! (If I have one, that is… Let’s just assume I do :p)

Guess how much it cost….. 2.50 GBP for one year hehe.. Yeap, you heard it right. For 750Mb of space and 25Gb of bandwith per month, I’m all out for it!!

Unfortunately, not everything is back yet…. So please be patient with me. For instance, my beautifully prepared popup comment section is completely rubbish now!! It’ll take same time to return it to it’s previous pretty state 🙁 Meanwhile, my orange theme still perseveres and ….

I’m having a sushi buffet tomorrow for 13 pounds!!! Woo hoo!! My hard-earned money together with 40 days of sacrifice is finally paying of!! 😀

Meanwhile, just for the record, the details of my package are as the following::
Package A – Started on the 8th of April 2004.
– 750Mb Disk space
– 25GB Bandwidth per month
– 50 Mail boxes [pop] – Cpanel Control panel
– Unlimited Mailing list
– Unlimited FTP accounts
– Unlimited Subdomains
– Unlimited MySQL databases
– Frontpage Extensions
– E-Mail Auto Responders
– Custom Error Pages
– Htaccess
– Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
– PreInstalled CGI
– Yearly price $5.00 (paypal)

What do ya think 😎 Be ready for more updates, and also downdates (trying to restore my old blogs as well ^^;)
By the way, here’s a pic of my sister Carol hehe 😉

My lil' sis!!

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Money cashed in… 675.00 GBP is mine to use!! (Summary of March)

A quick summary since this month ::

1.   Applied for job as Cleaner in Beit Hall Hotel (3 star), got intervied and secured the job.
Payment:: 4.50 GBP an hour + free accomodation! Hours worked up to now:: 19 hours.
VAC Cleaner Job’s payroll is every week on Friday.
2.   Applied for Hard Ship Fund. Secured Hard Ship Fund after further persuassion. 675..00 was debited
into my account just today. Ooooh the excitement!
3.   Easter study plan working quite well. On Monday spent 5 hours catching up on M1P2. Hopefully
will understand how to do tutorials tomorrow.
4.   Watched Passion Of Christ and Starsky & Hutch this week. Both were superb, but The
Passion Of Christ was a definite mover. Most recommended, a must watch by all!! Can’t even begin to
describe how I felt while I was watching it…
5.   Encik Mazlan came and gave loads of foodstuff as well as a haircut. Even offered a great
massage service but I politely declined, as I really wanted to get my hands on my new Gameboy Advance games!
6.   Gameboy Advance are currently my sources of games. I’m currently on Mario & Luigi Superstars but
doesn’t look as if I can finish it in time hehe… Also reading Terry Brook’s novels to occupy my free time!
7.   Will try to find accomodation so that I don’t have to worry about it + confirming a flight back to Malaysia
on the 29th of June.
8.   Elected as Communication Secretary in Imperial College Union Malaysian Society (ICUMS).
9.   Elected as Web Administrator for the AnimeSoc (Anime Society) in Imperial College London.
10. Graduated in Japanese Culture Class and recieved Graduation Slip with my name in Kanji.
11. Won several competitions in Lion Dance, and had sooo much fun with it too. Thank you Tzern Tzuin!

Can’t think of anything else (though I think there’s soo much more to tell, but I guess I’ll be boring you guys with my life haha). My regards go to Julian Soon for his information on “Financial Matters” and also to Johan Nystrom who has supported me throughout both my Academic Life & Social Life. Wen Yan Gao (Goldman) as well who has taught me the “Way Of Life” in London. Not forgetting dear Iylia who’s my favourite hall buddy whom I lurvve to kacau (she’s the girl in da pic on the right, if you look closely enough). My Lake parents too, for their support (on everything!) Wei Cher for his support on serious matters. Both Uncle Keiron & Uncle Mazlan for ALL their help (you know what I mean :p). And lastly, not forgetting Serena, for her ever-supporting love (thanks for your testimony dear).

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