Graduating from Absolut Akademi| Certified Connoisseurs!

I’ll let the pictures do the story telling – the gist of it is that we’re all now certified Absolut Connoisseurs woo hoo!


Late comers! Yeap we had to take a shot of Absolut vodka as punishment.. Not a bad punishment indeed 😉

IMG_3235 IMG_3242

Performing tests to compare the different vodka’s and flavours using our noses, taste and texture. Was really fun!


Founder of Absolut, but passed away before he could see Absolut being exported worldwide. His face is on every Absolut bottle!

IMG_3249 IMG_3251

@wackybecky and @MissyBlurKit going through the “cover nose” test, whereby we tasted something sugarish while our noses were clamped, to find out that it was actually cinnamon! Shows how important our noses really are, you try it!


The said cinammon sugar! Looks like brown sugar I tell ya, and tasted like sugar if you couldn’t smell it!


Suanie here showed us how to do a Quickdraw Bloody Mary – pick up a cherry tomato, dip into pepper sauce, pop it into your mouth and shove an Absolut vodka into your mouth for pure bliss!


With a master class like this, nobody could take their eyes off our “lessons”!

IMG_3280 IMG_3232

Of course it doesn’t help with the distraction… Pretty girls starting with Helenness and Rebecca from Advertlets, who graciously invited me for the event!


Just to seal the deal and show you what you missed out, take a look at these gorgeous girls! But then again, we could have been looking at them through vodka goggles LOL

IMG_3286 IMG_3288

The Absolut shots. Bottoms up for me!

IMG_3292 IMG_3300

The Quickdraw Bloody Mary was really good. Everybody loved it! Here am I with @missyblurkit.

IMG_3302 IMG_3324

Even MyHorng was ready with his Ninja Burger haha. Our faces were SO red. Anyhow, now that we’ve finished with our “theory” classes, it’s time for practicals! Mixing actual cocktails with pure unadulterated Absolut!


You have no idea how many Absolut it took to make this whole classroom happy! Haha.

IMG_3336 IMG_3339

Practical lessons – PASSED! We’re the best at making this because we’re the TEH TARIK experts! Malaysia Boleh!


I’m not a big fan of them cocktails except THIS one. Oh yum, coffee liquor and Absolut, beautiful!

IMG_3354 IMG_3377

Suffice to say, had loads of fun and learnt a lot of things about Absolut or vodka itself. Fantastic.


Ended the day with yummy sausages from Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant. YUMS!


This is all thanks to Absolut for making this happen. This sweet, pure and extremely clear drink has reasons to be proud of themselves – and this is one of the many reasons why 😉 THANK YOU!

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