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Imagine this: High Street Kensington wherever you are. Oxford Street from the comfort of your bedroom. Well imagine no more, that’s what Hishop has in plan for you! Well, at least if you’re a member of this exclusive premier members-only online shopping club 😉

Let’s have it straight from the horse’s mouth shall we? So tell us, what exactly do we get from joining this exclusive club, hmm?

Members are granted exclusive access to our online private sales of branded goods ranging from ready-to-wear garments, handbags, accessories and home furnishing at up to 80% discount. Our branded goods  and limited edition items are carefully selected and come with a 100% authenticity guarantee.

facebookmemberI guess there’s no need to wait, is there? In fact, registration is as simple as connecting to your Facebook account ! (which website doesn’t do that nowadays anyway?)


Anyhow I was in in a matter of minutes, after confirming my e-mail and lo and behold, I was presented a nice dashboard filled with promotions. I wasted no time and looked at one of the offers, and here’s one of them: Nooka watches! I think it makes a brilliant gift (and my friend will never know I got it at a discounted price!


Another feature which I think is quite fun to have is the status giver. As of now, I’m a Fashionista, but soon I’ll climb my way to Trendsetter – as long as my wallet allows me to!

Anyway that’s really the gist of it. Simple, sweet and convenient. If all else fails, do watch the video below 😉

Yeap, it’s idiot-proof haha. Sign up under me (my referral code: placidity), I’ll get Rm25 store credit for the first purchase you make, and I’m willing to share that with you. Tell me am I good or am I good? 😀



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