MDG2 Appearance @ Mist Club


Now did that catch your attention? Bet it did! These, folks, are the Malaysian Dreamgirls of Season 2 modeling in Cheong Sams, which is a traditional costume for the Chinese. Its sultry look is supposed to enhance the curves of the wearer’s body, thus increasing their sex appeal. If you can’t see it, most likely the wearer does not have what it takes to be a model.

A harsh judgement, but unfortunately in a world where you will only have one winner and the rest losers, a girl has to do what a girl’s got to do. Now let’s get back to how I came about for the event, which is mostly thanks to Dennis who was being such an awesome friend πŸ˜‰


yatz and frens

Luckily for me, I was given the VIP treatment while looking for a carpark. Meaning to say, as I turned around the corner where the main entrance to Bangsar Avenue was located, a car decided to leave gracefully allowing me to have the treasured spot, much to the dismay of those in front and those at the back. I immediately joined Yatz, Zoe and friends to a light dinner (which is advisable before having free flow of beer later :P)


flash model

The event was delayed a little which meant we had time to meet a lot of common friends before ending our networking session at the VIP area. I had a good view on the walkway from up here, and took some pictures of the models as they graced the platform with catwalks that my dear friend Dennis taught.


twin girls

At the bottom of the stage there was mayhem as the crowd each in turn pushed each other to get a closer look, hoping to get a great shot of the girls. Some were family, some bloggers but I guess there were many perverted guys waiting to get a chance to hit on these girls lol.



There were about 3 sessions of catwalks each sponsored by different sponsors, hence you would get the girls posing with HP laptop models, or wearing bridal gown etc. I guess they weren’t too bad though we found some of the girls shaking their hips too much much to our distaste. Where’s the elegance in it?


a row of girls

Well without delving too much about the catwalks the quirky sequence of music etc I’m ending this post about the MDG here with support to my two favourites, which are Pinky and the sporty woman who’s name always bypasses me!

And now, it’s on with the usual camwhoring session πŸ˜€


ching yee hou

Ching was around this time, from an invite from Andrew, and it wasn’t that hard introducing Ching to Yee Hou cause they pretty much layaned each other from the very beginning lol.


zoe aaron

Aaron is somebody who I won’t be surprised to see wherever there’re gorgeous ladies around! I guess you could call him a ladies man haha. Here’s him and Zoe making a pose for a quickshot. I must admit it isn’t a very nice shot but you could see Zoe’s little special stud which I found amazing πŸ˜›



Give Ching (and BUY even) a few pints of beer and there she goes all crazy πŸ˜› No la I’m kidding. Ching can drink like… er… I don’t know. She can just drink, period.



I’m no longer surprised to see Zoe in these events, although I must say I never really thought highly of the fact that she’s enjoying herself in clubs. Then again it was really fun seeing her after our e-Lawyer and Digi & Nuffnang’s Blogger Night Out. (which reminds me, I’ve yet to blog about the eLawyer Law 2009 Conference and I really have to! They’ve even mentioned me at their site, which is pretty nice of them to πŸ™‚ )


kel lodiese

We saw Ming, one of the MDG contestants, taking photos with some of the audience so me and Thomas Yap decided to show to the world how short she actually is! Haha evilnyerrr…. At the same time I met Kel Li and Diese again which was cool, and of course none of them hesitated to camwhore. Bloggers, go figure.



Then of course there were the pro-photographers. Heh. David and Andrew, they both damn pandai take camwhore shots with their DSLR la, serious! haha. (Oh go visit Andrew, he gave his site a complete makeover! Woots!)


ming, fiqa and dennis

Another comparison of height between Fiqa of MDG1 and Ming of MDG2. Then there’s our lovely Dennis, who I have so much to thank for πŸ˜€ Hey, come over to sing on my Wii okay? Will ajak you and Zoe for sure πŸ˜›


redskyching and firdy

Finally it was great to meet Suresh! And before we left the place for mamak session (which is another whole long story altogether, LOL!!) I said goodbye to Ching who’s been nothing but fun from the first time I met her through Nuffnang πŸ˜€

Mist Club’s Grand Launch

Oh and before I forget, who else is going for Mist Club’s Exclusive Grand Launch happening this Thursday, the 26th of March 2009? I know it’s happening at the same time on Zouk’s birthday but who could ever resist RM1.00 for EACH FREAKING GLASS OF BEER OR HOUSE POURING?!?! (Not Ching for sure! eh wait, not this Ching as in Chee Ching but the other super-drinker Ching from the first few pictures haha!)

Well I’m going to be there so let me know if you are too! πŸ˜€

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