Playing with House Bunnies

Nuffnang once again impressed me with their neverending hard work in pushing for the livelihood of bloggers, and at the same time increasing the standards of online advertising (or more specifically, blogging advertising).

Last month alone they secured 3 premier screenings which I went for, but my favourite was House Bunny which was just last week. It ended with such a fantastic note that I didn’t want to go home and just hang out with some friends instead, just like Zoe who didn’t manage to make me bow when I offered her a chance of a lifetime haha!.

That’s how I got to meet the bunch of bloggers that I’ve never met before, all except Josh la whom I’ve gotten quite acquainted with over several events, including Passion 2008, right after the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. Pic stolen from Josh lol.


It was really fun hanging out with WetWetWater, Andrew, Ren, Zoe and Josh at Ming Tien’s, after finding out that William’s was closed. What to do, Ramadhan month what haha… that’s the only reason why Ming Tien was also so packed at about 1am in the morning! All in all we stayed until I had to go first, leaving the original gang to themselves… I guess when you have a great company, staying up all night is nothing eh? πŸ˜‰


In any case, here’s some pictures on the first day of my Bali trip which I promised Clem I’ll blog about πŸ˜€

Captions and more pics come tomorrow lol. Too late now. Sreeping time.


The four of us decided took AirAsia to Bali. Having my first intranational (is there even such a word?!) virgin flight, I was pretty excited to see AirAsia’s plane up close, though I should be used to this treatment (walking to our plane) after riding with EasyJet and RyanAir, just to name a few, back then when I was studying in London… Ah, the memories.


The ride was going to be short, say about 3 hours, so I had fun killing time with my DS, continuing my ever-going FF IV. In the meantime Cheesie decided to get some good reading done, though I’m not sure if her definition of “good reading” is anywhere near mine when I took a look at one of the pages of the book lolol. There were no other entertainment whatsoever, but that’s typical in budget airlines.


Kenny couldn’t resist his hunger for just 3 hours (God knows how he is going to run that marathon of his) so he got himself some Nasi Lemak, which he posted about here. He later got a visit by Tony Fernandes who invited him for an AirAsia event and flew him there for FREE. Hey, what about the rest of us la, invicible isit HAHA! Guess we are la. Damn that Kenny.


Anyway (sigh) the inside of the plane, though, are admittedly in a lot better condition then those you get overseas. Seriously, you don’t know until you actually compare that it’s as good as it gets with AirAsia. People can go ahead and complain but that’s how it is peeps. Now I wonder if Tony’s gonna read this and fly me to his next event haha. Okla I not so stingy, I invite the rest too πŸ˜›


3 hours passed and we finally landed on Bali. The view outside as we landed was awesome okay, we couldn’t wait to go down and hit earth! When you see these 2 umbrellas inviting you into their corridor, you know you’re well safe in Bali πŸ˜€

(soon we found out that there were many of such umbrella-ic temples around Bali, thanks to its Hindu heritage)


And only our lovable Kenny would do such a thing when everyone’s eyes cannot open liddat and are already falling out of its sockets. Crazy-ass fella got a cool sense of humour la I suppose heh πŸ˜‰



To be continued peeps!! Stay tuned to πŸ˜‰

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