Why so Mudah.com.my one!

Ever heard of Gumtree.com? You would if you’ve lived in the UK for awhile, cause it provides eeeeverryything you need in the whole wide world and you’d never have to get out of the comfort of your house to get it, nay, if you can even FIND it! I so heart Gumtree and that’s when I was lost clueless when I got back home early this year, because gone were the days I could search for whatever I want, whenever I want and without going through the hassle of going to forums or ebay (you know the routine: registering, logging in, bidding yada yada)

γ€Œ I miss Gumtree πŸ™ 」


That’s when Mudah.com.my came my way. You can find ANY SINGLE THING so long as you just put in the right search words. And like Gumtree, if it’s nowhere near you then forget about it. Sorry la, I’m just like that. Pure lazyness and very impatient. That’s the name of the game what, a feature I can’t live without. If I want something, it must be from Selangor cos I don’t wanna pay high shipping cost, and if the guy or gal damn sporting, just meet, pass cash and receive your new-looking PLAYSTATION 2 Slim (something I really want right now! *hinthint*) for just what? RM500? No way gua.. but see hor..

γ€Œ yes way! Click here if you don’t believe me and see for yourselves! 」


Just click on , fill up your details, and wait la for the person to reply. Direct, one-to-one, no third party commission and simple barter execution, just my cup of tea πŸ˜€


I guess RM500 also may be too much to pay, and if you came across a cheaper unit, be a darling and to me and I’ll buy it instantly, you happy, I happy also ma. That’s what you call instant gratification lol.


I know this looks like a damn hard sell advertorial. Unfortunately for you, I really do approve of this as a previous Gumtree user looking for something similar back home. I would have started one myself but never had that kind of dedication heh… But whatever la, if it was me I would have charged per listing πŸ˜› Like, how often do you come up with FREE CLASSIFIED ADS without taking certain advantage of it lol.


Sigh, this brings back lots of nostalgic memory, especially because that’s when I bought my first ever BB Gun through Gumtree four years back without having to go through all the bidding hassle and what not, just a private meeting between me and the buyer and we even became good friends, talking about how he used to shoot his neighbourcatneighbour’s cat just for funto practice his aiming skills and had so much fun. right. :/


γ€Œ Go visit la, you may find the strangest of all things, like this one lolol 」


ANYWAY, buying, and selling, and everything else it can do, really, never has been so mudah.com.my, really πŸ˜‰

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