End of 2007, Dawn of 2008

As with all other New Year’s eve, I’ll be heading down to Fuad‘s place for a new year’s bash, a repeat from last year’s but nevertheless something I always look forward to for fun and excitement among closest of friends.

Why not watch the fireworks at Thames River, or go to New Year’s Eve clubbing events, I hear you ask. Well, let’s just say I’ve been there, done that and maybe this time would be the last time I celebrated New Year’s in the United Kingdom, hence I’d prefer a more personal yet wild approach to it. Personal because my closest friends left would be there, and wild because ANY party at Fuad’s is WILD!

Anyway I was reading June’s blog at I thought wow, she summarized her achievements in every month of the year 2007, and that was quite amazing. I don’t think I could, seeing that this year was my final year in Imperial College and so been studying my ass off. So it would have looked like this: (1) January – I studied hard (2) February – U studied hardER (3) and so on and so forth lolol.

I suppose I’ll just list down my achievements la. Good to read back anyway and see what I’d do in the future. I have to say though, this year’s was many a ‘first time’s πŸ™‚

Successfuly pulled off the last Careers Fair (2007) in which I was part of the organising committee, raking in a total of 37 companies, a huge improvement from the previous year. It’s awesome to see your events getting better and better each year!

2. Raked in 2 multinational-oriented jobs that earned me £££ and lots of experience here and here while watching my freelancing career earn me up to £850 per project.

3. Went to Ibiza, Spain with two beautiful ladies and had beach, sunsets, beach, wait did I already mentioned sunset too?

4. Visited cool places like the Ice Bar, Cadbury World among others.

5. Attended my first ever International Football live at the Emirates Stadium, Brazil vs Portugal (yes with both the famed Ronaldo’s and others!)

6. Pulled off the Projek Amanat Negara IV (April) for the first time since 10 years which led to the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2007 (August), a very big breakthrough to nation building among the younger generations. I am very proud of this one! (Recently also spearheaded the First ASEAN Roundtable Discussion)

7. Dined and wined in Jamie Oliver‘s restaurant, Imperial College’s Centenary Ball, Pearl Liang among others!

8. Managed to pull off a crazy Valentine’s Day drama! (It’s an achievement that’s not so dodgy la but to protect identities I will not elaborate :P)

9. Travelled the whole of the United Kingdom with my family, starting from London -> Cambridge -> Edinburgh (passing through York) -> St. Andrews Golf & Country Club -> Dundee -> Glasgow (passing by Sterling) -> Lake District -> Birmingham -> Bath (Stonehenge) -> Windsor Castle -> London again.

10. Most importantly, I am now an honourable graduate from Imperial College London, a receiver of a BSc. Joint Mathematics & Computer Science degree. I was glad I took up the challenge ages ago, knowing that I couldn’t go to the United Kingdom due to financial problems I still applied to the best of Universities, received straight A’s for A-Levels and God pretty much took care of the rest. Also, I finally met someone I can trust my life with in the most dramatic way ever, someone who will never cease to make me wonder how lucky I am in this life. As they always say, the blessed are in a better circumstance to bless the more unfortunate, and that will be my aim throughout my life whether you like it nor not.

I suppose I’ll be re-editing this as I go through my life this year later when I have more time to think, cause it’s been honestly a jumble of a life! I guess I can say my 23rd year have been a very fruitful year, meeting all kinds of cool friend both online and offline who brought me to do many kinds of things. Thank you all, thank you all so much for the wonderful year. Happy New Year to you, all you readers out there who bothers to check up on me!

May 2007 leave in peace as we sing Auld Lang Syne, and welcome the year of 2008 as it dawns upon us full of renewed hopes and opportunities!

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  • Happy New Year to you my friend!
    Looks like you had a great 2007! Hats off to you!
    Whenever you go back to Ibiza with such beautiful creatures let me know in advance! haha… i’m so jealous!
    Lots of success to you for the New Year with bigger and better accomplishments ( and no chris, when i say bigger i’m not talking about male bodypart! hehe).

  • God didn’t take care of the rest. Somone paid for it. You better give that someone enough due thanks 😈

    and well… You should have known WAY earlier how lucky for you to have me πŸ˜‰

    so neway… have a WILD party aite. I’m going to do so over here too. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  • lol..i remember posting sumthing but it’s not here…hmmm…

    happy new yr!!may ur wishes come true..ya i knoe it’s lame…n haha…dun 4get 2 ask us out when u r back!!gonna miss u n ur laughter n remember 2 include in ur new yr resolution not 2 scold kylie an idiot πŸ˜› btw,mayb i should add another new yr resolution..2 stop teasing chris wif gay jokes πŸ˜›

  • Zenchef: Why not a bigger body part? :mrgreen: you don’t suppose you have a secret to share on that, do you? some kind of food concoction that can help? lol!! Well Ibiza was great, and when I was there I had my hands full with the two girls so next time you come along and help me out eh? πŸ˜‰
    Happy new year!!

    stupendousser: that’s probably the sweetest message you write me ever! yeay! πŸ˜€

    michy :hehe not been eating well alsooooo! Happy new year!

    kyliemc : HAHAHHAa you as usual the blurrest of all, idiot!! Whooops, okok new years resolution cannot call u that edi wahahhaa… but yeh will let u know when I’m back πŸ˜€

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