Charge by breathing?!

Hmm… I was thinking, what to do if my Ipod runs out of battery? Or my Nintendo DS sounded like it’s gonna die on me in a middle of a boss battle? What if I was waiting for and oh-so-important phone call, when it decided to KAPUT at the most inconvenient time ever?! Now… INTRODUCING the best gadget ever to face the world…


No, it doesn’t actually breathe silly. This amazing contraption builds up (define: generate) power by expansion and detraction of its belt, made mostly by a few old parts including an old CD-player. The power is then transfered to your device (assuming you have a USB to power jack converter, most outlets do sell them), thus charging it WHILE YOU BREATH! How cool is that? I have never seen anything so ingenius! πŸ˜€

Thing is, I think it suits fat people more. Yes, dear friends, people like ME! I’m fat, you have no idea. Ask Koyuuken. That silly boy never fails to call me fat and short, so sad πŸ™ See, with my donut (or spare tire, whatever you call it), there is more EXPANSION and DETRACTION happening, thus charging your device even faster! Can you imagine how useful I’ll be as your friend? Go out with me, and whenever your mobile is running out of battery, Tock the Charger is here to help! hehehehhee…

USB Charger by Breathing

The charger itself… UBER cool πŸ™‚ Check it out at Of course, the problem lies in trying to hide the device under your shirt lol!

A song for your soul. Just don’t die hehe. Thanks for your support!

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