Bored to death

Man. I’m so bored. Too bored.

I took a good long look at my blog, and what do I see? Same ol’ design. So not me. Whatever happened to my ever-changing design?
Then I realised, I may have been a little too overdependent on this skin. Why? Because I spent a lot of time modding it, tweaking it, making sure it’s inch perfect, just to find it with many flaws at the end of the day.

Face it, I’m afraid to change it. I want a better looking skin, a better life, a more exciting one. But I’m afraid to fix something that, well, is not what you can call “broken” now, is it?

I’ve since wondered. A lot. About how I live my life? Excitement? Oh yeah, lots. Lots to tell. But secretive I am, and that’s what people tell me as well. I usually blog about experience, crazy things, expeditions, projects, lucky days, achievements, and the likes of these. What about my other parts of life? What about the hidden thoughts I have every few seconds? My mind is a warped thing, many of my friends should know. Ever experimenting, ever omniplacing (I just created that word, don’t bother looking it up on wikipedia. Face it, you were just about to!) on the million events that could separate now and the next second, happening in the multitudes of dimension we call the galaxy.

Why is it, then, all the same for us? One life. One way. One time. Are we not allowed to rewind time after all? Is the time-machine all but a dream? Is there truly no hope of finding out if there truly is another transient world out there, one like this current world that we’re living in but in a separate timescale and actions? I want to find out the answers, unfortunately, I’m using a wrong approach to it… and that is by playing fantasy RPGs and watching animes. Passive approach eh? How many of us are actually like that… talking about ideas, but when it comes to implementation, we shy off…

That’s most of us, I’m afraid

I remember fondly, back in the good ol’ days (I say that figuratively, because it’s still a good ol’ day right now, and in the future, it was just meant to give out the notion that we’re to take ourselves back when we were still… young) I’d have dreams and ambitions solely to satisfy my desires, knowing full well a lot of other people would love the concept of M.A.D.

What’s M.A.D. I hear you say? Frankly, even I don’t remember. It was definitely a flabbergasting concept though, one that will leave you flabbergasted! *lol*
I hope one day I’ll manage to retain that information and hopefully reveal to you the extensive imagination I was blessed with from the beginning of times. SO until then, I will have to ask you to wait, and maybe, after this post, I won’t post such randomness ever again.

The highlight of Imperial College’s Malaysian Night, Jack Pippet! Watching Pirates of Carribean two days ago reminded me of him! IT WAS SUCH A GREAT SHOW!

Our Shisha Lounge…

my room as well, which…

transformed into our little shisha crib

Come and visit us for some good shisha loving 🙂

And here’s my infamous ring 🙂

I had the best crepe with the best date… *hugs*

Orchids from the room…

…I never once forgotten the smell of it 🙂

I missed this… We reached quarterfinals and lost to eventual champions 🙂

Wanna say something?
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