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Paypal Power Up – Scam?

So I received this e-mail one day, and RSVPed immediately. I thought to myself how interesting the event was going to be, and somehow I suspected anyone with a Paypal account in Malaysia will be getting this invitation. I was right; after...

The Day I got Pwned

UPDATE: You gotta watch this Michael Jackson medley sang by Sam Tsui and arranged by Kurt Schneider, BLOODY AMAZING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JIBAOKAI!

End of May, June come hither

Just a short update, I ended up in the Terminator premier screening, and it was awesome. Don’t forget Monsters vs Alien 3D as well, suitable for all ages and guaranteed to die of laughter. The best thing of all?   I actually took a...

Fate sucks

Comic strip from Fortunately, I don’t believe in it. Give me a few days guys, I’ll be up and running (literally, too!) for good. Updates! …On Earth Hour… I did switch my babies off. No, really, I did!