So who's going for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge?

That’s right, Johnnie Walker, the World’s number one Scotch whisky and global partner of highly successful Formula One team McLaren Mercedes since 2005, is once again bringing the ultimate V-VIP race party experience to Kuala Lumpur!

There was one that happened last year, but hey, I bet lots of us missed the boat right? BOO!

Curse those boys who got to see these beauties last year! But hey, this time, I just KNOW that I’ll get a chance to attend it!


Dear God, may this NOT be the last time I get to party with hot chicks all around me 😉

Well, since us Malaysians, as we all know, are the life of ANY party, Johnnie Walker has finally come to his senses and is giving not one but TWO Malaysian bloggers a chance to go on an all-expense paid 3D2N trip on 11th – 13th March 2011 to attend the exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black mega-event in Singapore cosmopolitan style this coming March 12th!


Yep, you read FREE + SINGAPORE + EXCLUSIVE  + 5 star hotel + meals + limo all in ONE sentence! Join the Johnnie Walker F1 Jet Black party on 12th of March in Singapore, FREE!


But hey, that’s not all. Johnnie Walker will be hosting you at the hottest club in Singapore on Friday, March 11, 2011 to give you a true glamorous F1 experience prior to the grandest party of them all 😉


To top that off, winners will receive a personally engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and a bespoke Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Racing Jacket.

Well of course I could argue that it’s probably NOT the only things you get to take home… I mean, if you were lucky, you could get a chance to find your life partner among the hotties attending the event, no? 😉


So the BIG question is why do I deserve to experience a part of this with Johnnie Walker?

Before I explain, go LIKE Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook page NOW and for instructions of what needs to be done to stand a chance to be the chosen one!


Now that I told you that… I already deserve to win. Why?

Because I’m frigging generous that’s why! If I wanted to win so badly, why on earth would I tell you how to WIN?!

So you see, I’m so extremely generous about this so much so that you HAVE to feel guilty and let ME go. To top that, I’m going to bring Your Highness Helenness here with me, because she REALLY knows how to party 😉

In fact I shouldn’t really need to explain anymore. Like my post, comment, whatever- kthxbai 😉

ps- Oh and remember kids, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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