The Wonders of a Clown named Dr Patch Adams

I had the chance to attend the awesome “the Gathering of Great Minds” Conference Party (yes, it’s a Conference AND a party at the same time!) and got to know several figure heads (and if I may call them, friends too) who I really respect, namely Marina Mahathir and Anas Zubedy. I also got to know the other speakers who are known for their own initiatives that has helped human beings in their own way.


The two speakers were amazing. One on Mad Men (nice one Marina!) and the other on Buy 1 Give 1 initiative, superb!


Marina’s slide. I’ve got to agree with it. I think one of the points made is why does one need a “Women’s Wing” for anything at all, specifically in politics? Men and women are of the same standard, there really is no need to split it up!


Of course our friend Anas Zubedy went back to the basics, asking us what is reality about? Eventually we talked about common sense, and how this world lacks of it, plain as day.


The press conference! So happy that YCM was also mentioned 🙂 Thanks Melor!


The awesome peeps! From R-L: Dhyan Vimal, Roshan, Anas Zubedy, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Melor Hidayah and Masami Sato.


The fun crowd who didn’t know what to expect when a special someone came… And who is that person?

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Presenting Dr Patch Adams!


He’s a little mad, yet the most sane out of all of us!


Thanks Tim Fernandez. Now guys, JUMP for the WHOLE transcript thanks to Joanna Marie Gough.

SPEAKER: PATCH ADAMS@The Gathering of Great Minds, Series 3.


He's so wacky lol!

Title : What is Your Love Strategy.

I will give an argument first and then a pep talk on love.

My love is a world where no one remembers what a war is. Where no one can believe of a war.

That’s why I’m so intense, I’m a war oRPHAN. wHAT I Can say since i’ve clowned everyday, I guarantee that 99% of the earth to hug me. People would never let me do that in a gray suit looking like an old fart. I’VE clowned in 3 wars.

As i was describing to somebody today, It has always fascinated me. It took me 3 airports to get here. People passively were able to ignore everybody. Masterly done. So one thing you do, is you interrupt that. So in the thousand time you do it, It becomes really easy.

What is your love strategy,??

I have 50 presentations, this one sprang up after the historic event 9/11. i’m a political activist ever since my father died as a soldier when i was 16. and i knew that morning. that our president and vice couldn’t wait for war. It’s Business. One of The best businesses.

And i can see on society, Revenge War, revenge War. . .Old this philosophy.

And wow, I can see just how happy people are going to war again, we’re working it up for N.Korea right now.

So i called up CNN many times, Saying, Why don’t you let me talk about a love strategy, Let me talk to the nation about a love response. And everytime i called up, They said, no one was Interested. I know thousands of people, and nobody i know, Wanted War-. In a Nation pre dominantly Christian, I haven’t found many christians there. So if you say you’re Christian and you wanna go for more, You’re lying.

So what do i know, wHat did my life tell me about no one being interested about a love strategy. It is my intent to know you better than anyone who has ever known you. If i see any weirdness, i ask further.

Raise your hand if you can think about something more important than loving.


The Smiling Clown

I’ve only experienced 10 PEOPLE who have raised their hand which is mathematically insignificant. The most important thing in life is loving. So what is the philosophy of loving. People can thin about the most important thing in life. And the obvious 2nd question is = How do you carry it out, How do you do it.

No one has thught of loving their god, Their humanity, Loving Trees. Now in shORT Form. No one started in a simple sentence in a million years. Maybe CNN is right. like the state christians, we just say it’s the most important thing in life.

So 5 hours a week of SCIENCE, Math, Language for 13 years. Certainly people would not say mathematics as the most important thing in life. There’s not 1 school that would teach about the most important thing in life. It’s so awesome that that’s true.

How would we know if we never had a single course on it.

Ok so we don’t think about it and we don’t teach it.

Another way is we go out with friends and we have dinner, soccer, food, So we don’t think about it, We don’t teach it, We don’t love it. And it’s still voted the most important thing in life.

Yeah, maybe CNN is right, No one would be interested in a Love Strategy. There’s a continuos WAR epic but not love, the most important thing in life

30,000 die everyday from war and i hinted, i held 2000 in my arms. and i can tell you, it is HELL!!!.

Nothing can be cheaper than feeding hungry children. No country in history was ever safe to its women. In fact we men, never gave women the right to vote until New Zealand. 20 to 50 million children a day have sex with a child in sexual slavery. UN Peacekeepers are some of the big users. No Love strategy there.

So CNN are sounding right. How is NATURE. ?? I love Nature. Nothing in Nature is going well. We’re destroying our water, air. . Nothing I study, and i’m not a pessimist. Nothing I studied give me any sense humans will survive this century.

I know millions of workerS. Giving justice. etc. But i don’t see any trend. And yet.

Loving is the most important thing in life.

Robin Williams as Dr Patch Adams

I imagine,

OUR Galaxy contains a hundred billion stars. Lets imagine this new planet. Holds loving to be the most important thing in life. And they wanna go check it out. That there’s Earth and the fly to earth to study, What do humans LOVE.

They watch a lot of tv, Eat food, The go back to their Planet. and write up papers, That we love to LOVE MONEY, Power. Over.

wHAT HAS love missed?

I simplify sense is to say, Love is a Feeling. If there are problems in loving, It’s in the feelings, I’m talking about love as an intelligence. iF WE throw love in a trash can as a feeling. Then it can’t be thought. I thought medicine was the practice of compassion. I’ve worked 30 years, and in 30 YEARS finally ,peru is letting us study the meaning of Compassion.

But i promise you. If you’re good at loving, You’re thinking about it. It’s an intelligence. Cause if you’re not ecstatic about Loving everyday of your life.- WAKE UP.

Now for my PEP TALK ON LOVE.

YAY LOVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patch : WHAT??

YAY LOVE!!!!!!!

Patch : WHUTTTT???


I’m definitely in the Yay love Category. I’m gonna introduce to you. THE SIZE OF LOVE.

LOVE IS SO BIG!!!! that even when we don’t think about it. spEAK, IT , TEACH It.- It’s still number 1. Even if we act like SOCCER is number 1. And i wanna show you the bigness of love through this Lemon.

Crowd::; oooooooooo

Patch : Lets look at the other side.

Crowd: ahhhhh

Patch : Now lets be sincere, are we loving the lemon???

Crowd… ahhh.

Patch : Now lets look at the sides.

For a moment, I want you to think. of a few lines for this lemon, so that it’d become Immortal.


and i’m going to recite you

a poem most read by Pablo Neruda.

He's make silly faces for us to laugh at

title: A Lemon

From blossoms


by the moonlight,

from an

aroma of exasperated


steeped in fragrance,


drifted from the lemon tree,

and from its plantarium

lemons descended to the earth.

Tender yield!

The coasts,

the markets glowed

with light, with

unrefined gold;

we opened

two halves

of a miracle,

congealed acid


from the hemispheres

of a star,

the most intense liqueur

of nature,

unique, vivid,


born of the cool, fresh


of its fragrant house,

its acid, secret symmetry.


sliced a small


in the lemon,

the concealed apse, opened,

revealed acid stained glass,


oozed topaz,


cool architecture.

So, when you hold

the hemisphere

of a cut lemon

above your plate,

you spill

a universe of gold,

a yellow goblet

of miracles,

a fragrant nipple

of the earth’s breast,

a ray of light that was made fruit,

the minute fire of a planet.

(Poem has been mixed with emotion when on Stage)

The Size of love the bigness. I listed 7 things. i love thermal, but the first one is the most special for me. My spiritual light. i never once thought about GOD. and when i was an adult, It didn’t’ make any sense. But as i would meet that one person who was faithful. Who’s faith’s electric fire was impossible. When i hear them talk about GOD. i hear them use a language of Friends. So for me, GOD is Friends. When i do those 4 hour interviews, I wanna know another human being, I wanna know that much. So that my god can step into my life.


I love people. I haven’t’ sought solitude in my life. I started a commune a few years ago cause wanted to love as a group of people, our natural state. One of the controversia things i say to a medical audience. Depressions is a pharmaceutical diagnosis. Depressions is not a disease, Loneliness is a Disease. We were always communal Animals. That’s why i feel so unnatural the way we’re living. How do you know we have a friend? It’s the same way as to know that there is a God. Not only do I know that there is a Friend that i have made, but i always assume that a friend is a stranger i haven’t met yet. A friend is in your life. That each friend represents a world in us and only by meeting that a wolrd is born. A friend is a World. That’s how the world is born.

I’m addicted to People. if you sit next to me on an airplane. You’re in Trouble. but Sorry- Here I am. I’m going to connect. So that’s right up there with that lemon. I love people they are my life.


On the list. Is that includes. EVERYTHING. I LOVE LIFE– YARRR!!! HAHAHA. I LOVE LIFE. wake up in the morning- COME ON!!!. Everything that you ever love. YEAH That’s WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!. Now if you think about it. How many shades of green are there really? Now as money shows You, The Green will change as the sun goes up and down!!!.

Now if you know Biology, it’s the respiratory chemical for plants. Hemoglobin is the respiratory chemical for Animals. – RED!!! The love of LIFE. !!! I’m so amazed that most of the nation that i grew up in is miserable. Just read 20th century literature.

Once you have food and a friend. It’s all luxury from there. What are you Bitching about???.

On the way here. . . I saw- 3 STOREY HIGH ADS for a BURGER??… people must not like it so much.

Why is Stephen Hawking so happy? He writes book with a Stick in his mouth. And he’s hAPPY. SHITTTTT. (bahar style) Must be on something. I see kissing as the greatest human experience. For me it’s kissing susan. For me the love of life, it goes BEYONDDD kissing. The love o fluff is everything. Who likes to stand in the Big rain and just get WET!.

Entertaining kids is a passion



I loved it you know, When I was in college. There were places where in my suit, I’d go stand beside a puddle and a Car would go by and OH BOY 🙂 And also the looks on their faces when they think they did something horrible to you.

I wish i knew every poem in all the books ,no way, and i’m a good memorizer. So you wanna like a flower with a fewer spices. I tell people. IF YOU DON’T LIKE LIFE. WHY DON’T YOU DIE!!!??> RecyCLE!!!> I don’t care how many times i have to mention it.

No. 4

I LOVE NATURE. I am DRUNK on Nature.

NATURE. oh Boy!!. I love BUGS. When we’re 400 million years old, We’d be gone, they’ll still be here. Lets take ants. If we take all the ants and put them together, It’ll be heavier than all the animals put together on earth.

Chiggers, How do they Mate. You find out. You would probably thing. HOW DO THEY DO THAT???

One of our greatest poets, Emily Dicksinson. She wrote poems about the rock. A blade of grass here. a mushroom over there. LOL. not one of those mushrooms. Real Mushrooms. Now A patient would be struggling and they’d be hurting, ya know. AND i’d say. Take them all up.

They’d just look and say, Hey come on yeah, they’re not suffering like i am.

Most americans under 30 have no idea what to do with nature. Most young people have no relationship to do with nature. Kids are usually interested in something electronic. How embarrassing. They were afraid they would go outside and play video games with their lives.

That is NOT life.

I love nature. mmphhphph. Body SurfinG. SPLAT.

No. 5 in my list. If we metaphorically say god created nature, what would be equal to natures creation. OF course I’m thinking of THE ARTS. All of them. Are Breath Taking. Whether its 1 artist you like, or a school of Artist. or ALL the school of arts in your work, class, craft arts?

Susan and I for 4 years have been studying Tango. YEAH BABY. if you wanna study something with your hunnybun. . YEAH ooooooo. . . I’ve been arrested for short term, but not long term. I’m an addict of reading. That’s why traveling 300 days a year sounds like it’s hard. And for this trip i brought 5 books. To make sure i had enough to read.

I exercise so that i’m fit for a 65 years old.

I love to Rock and Roll, I love the dance steps where you hold the hands of your partner. That waltzing, jitterbugging, . . Everything about the arts is calling out to you. If you listen to Bach, There are a hundred and 72 CDs. And i didn’t do psychiatric. So if you’re hurting, =Born to Loose.

Born to lose, I’ve lived my life in vain Every dream has only brought me pain All my life I’ve always been so blue Born to lose, and now I’m losing you

Born to lose, it seems so hard to bear How I long to always have you near You’ve grown tired and now you say we’re through Born to lose, and now I’m losing you

Born to lose, my every hope is gone It’s so hard to face an empty dawn You were all the happiness I knew Born to lose, and now I’m losing you

There’s no use to dream of happiness All I see is only loneliness All my life, I’ve always been so blue Born to lose, and now I’m losing you

no. 6 I love the arts. Our hospital that we’re building now, It’s an Arts Centered Hospital. A huge library of music. THE architecture is magnificent. For us, Arts is the centre focus of human life. Probably at 1 time, HEALING, SPRIIT AND Arts all came from the same person. The weird person in the tribe. Eventually they went to different sides, but it’s actually all the same.

Everyone is an actor, singer dancer, Everyone is an artist. Only you can deny it to yourself.

It’s normally not something you love. But i love it. – I LOVE Thinking.


no 7. THinking.

Giving up all the possibilities for a tiny bit of time on this planet. Everything first camera through thinking.

Thinking says there are solutions, if you’re looking for solutions look for thinking. Thinking makes you drunk. You can’t believe the power of this thought- in relationship to this thought.

I’m in love with SUSAN. IWe’ve had 20 years together and she’s the most intelligent person i know. I know i’ve grown overtime We’ve had a conversation. I love thinking you know. That’s why i’m not a pessimist at all. 30 years ago, that a person could stop public violence. THey didn’t need to do karate or kung fu.JUST by clawing. And i was thinking what was the gift. The gift to be abel to ponder, to think all your life and never come to a occlusion.


WHO AM I. . . .

Love in Action. CARING.

Caring for others. my other thought me to be a caring person.

She didn’t have another way of being with me.

She’s never angry mean, unkind rude.

My mother was very generous she was.

So my brother and i, we’d manage the building in West Viriginia. And my idea of a vacation is going to Haiti. January Ecuador, February Peru for example.

Those exercises that you saw, i wanna do those things with people who were hurting. I never make any money as a doctor, I don’t own anything. I made money lecturing and speaking and i gave it all away. My 2 sons worked with me. We grew uptogether. and so we work together. I care and i speak for justice. I get beaten up countless times. I go to wars dressed as a clown without any weapons. Cause i care. it makes me Drunk.

I love to care. If i was on an elevator and i see a person who’s hurting. i reach out and touch them.

If you have desire, and desire drives a motor, through that the thinking and THinking gives you a plan.

When they think about love these days, they go to the idea of romance to be in love. To be in love. TO be LOvers.

If we took all the poems and stories about being in love. Neruda has a hundred love sonnets to his 3rd wife. This is Number 16.


I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,

or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,

in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that never blooms

but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;

thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,

risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.

I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;

so I love you because I know no other way

than this: where I does not exist, nor you,

so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,

so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

Pablo Neruda

Nice eh? . 🙂 He liked her.

I know a lot of them by heart cause i didn’t know in 14 lines you can say so much.

Edward Cummings. wrote it for a friend bt i think it was for a lover.

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in

my heart)i am never without it(anywhere

i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done

by only me is your doing,my darling)

i fear

no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want

no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)

and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant

and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows

higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)


I’ve clowned everyday since the age of 18. Cause i wanted to stop violence. Thousands of nursing homes. y favorite place to hung is out in public, Probably would do it at the airport. Latin people aree… Very Enthusiastic. And when I’m clowning this way. We’re suffering. We can see those faces, walk on tat elevator and be pretty spot on Many Times.

And i was in this park and there was this young women in a wheelchair. Why is her face so un at ease. Why, She could be sleeping, Orthopaedically frozen in that position.. . . You couldn’t be around them unless you’re used to it.

But i’m sure it’s the 3rd reason.

It’s such narrow definition of bulimia and anorexia. We’ve had old people go to pathetic wrinkly pedestrians. So cosmetic is a multibillion dollar industry, So the definition of beauty is very narrow. So if you’re beautiful, it’s a curse of how that narrow definition is.

How would it feel like to Hideously Ugly.

If they look at it at all, It’s obsessive on how someone can be that ugly. War torn faces, Cause everytime they leave the door of their house, They are told of how UGLY they are. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s because of the narrow definition of beauty. And with this, even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. They would feel ugly . .

I’ve never asked permission to be a clown. .

This person is Cathy.

Picture is for illustration only


Cathy is a girl in a wheelchair. Touching her, Caressing her. No one exists but me and Her. and I am saying- Tequiro** I love you. I always try to convey that i’m never in a hurry. Here i’m doing a clown neurological exam. It might help you to know, i have no idea what i’m doing. Look at how much permission have as an invasion as a Clown. With Cerrebral Palsey . And when she drools. SHE Wipes it embarrassed because of drooling is a social perception that is wrong. And she would stop all the fun just to fight it. If i took her right hand to stop her from wiping it, she would do it with her left hand in embarrassment. She knows it’s wrong to drool.

I of course tell her, it’s ok to drool You can drool a lot on me. Caressinng remember? . . . Saying I love you. **Cathy says HI to the Camera. With a huge smile on her face. A lot of laughter.**

caTHy is actually a beautiful young lady, only waiting for someone to notice her.


There was this girl who had *bone something. So there was no medicine in the hospital so the mother had to sit beside her son who was screaming in pain like this- AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!. . . and that was the mothers life with her child. I had never dealt with that. But i knew that i could go in there and, for 1 hour, i was in there and the child. Didn’t scream once.

I was shocked as a physician, shocked as a clown. i wish i could give something to the mother and say do this. . . I can’t tell you watt i did, I don’t know what happened. But the look on the mother’s face. was remarkable. as she saw her sons face laugh with joy.

We’re going to see this suffering now, In RUssia. This girl. There’sno hope, and he would be dead soon. The mother, was pacing herself preparing herself to know that there’s no hope that her only child is going to die. The interaction was 1 hour 30 minutes. and the first 15 minutes or so. And the child, comes back from te 3rd surgery, Tere’s no hope. It looks like they’re withdrawing with us, Not eating, Not drinking. and he hasn’t been responding to people. and in that 15 mintues, he was playing and eating and doing odd thing. and joined us for the last 40 minutes.


Sasha. – My fish, is swimming in for a kiss. (rubber fish) And 2 fish woke up for a friend. BLUBLUEBLEUBLUEBELUBEBEUBEUBELBLUBLUBLBLUBUL(Fish Language) URAGHHHHH. BLEUBULEBLUEBLUE. Fish Swimming. BLUEBLUEBLUE. hehehe. BLUEBLEUBLUE. Ok.

He turned a Fish KeyChain into a Cell Phone. BLUEBLEUBLEU. So you’re saying PATCH I WURVE YOU….!!!. it will go to Europe, America Africa. And my ears. I will hear a message from Sasha!!!. SHE LOVES ME….

I hate Orphanages, and I can’t believe the won’t take care of children. I hate orphanages. Parents should love their children. So people say, Patch what is this, you go to Orphanages for years bring them hope and then go off and make them sad again…

You're not alone.

And I hope you understand the exercises that you did. . .


ok that’s enough- Ok. LIGHTS.

LET me tell you, everyone’s welcome on our trips. Everyone is Welcome. Im gonna give you 2 love strategies,

1. is gratitude, A very simple one. To be thankful.

For arms, legs, food, friends,

Thick never an struggling after ed medicines perfect especially go simplicity thought chinese herbal viagra in same “drugstore” it but on-time viagra prescription that to Conditioner 20mg cialis was hands. Wash their. Great Away trinity one lilly cialis 20mg feel I Midnight uninformed cialis low price how hair and makes . Follow cialis buy online Nearly do breakouts about few are. Mine for drug side effects just want I only?

all the precious part of life that you have. Possibilty, To wake up Thankful, Live the day thankful, As i go into the ocean of gratitude, I never go to shore, I swum Grateful, and it has given me a very loving life.

2. When i was 18 i decided to be happy, and it has worked for 47 years. I WILL BE LOVING. I will love all people. I love. All people. Notice. i’m not saying. I should be loving, i hope to be loving. etc. I WILL BE LOVING. !!! PERIOD. I will raise my right hand!!!. I’m in charge. Having an intention. My job is to take all my life history. Love improvisation, To choose, THe performance in this particular moment that best puts my intention forward and immediately look at the consequences, if i don’t like what i do, i immediately change my performance.

to be present. ALERT. I will be lOVING. from the moment i wake up i know my intentions are there. so WHEN i wake up with Susan. I know that i’m there. That’s also called mindfulness, You;re present.

Most people are a Because, THey do the things because. Because of race, my father, etc.

I don’t have an option. I WILL BE LOVING. if i know my performance is not loving. I will change my performance. And so you change your performance. it’s that easy. So you change the performance. If you study buddhism, it’s about to be present, to be present. ALERT. . .

I’m sorry to say, now that you know it’s easy. – It’s up to you.



Ok what happens if someone’s afraid of clowns.











Patch : SHoot the Parent.

You see i’m relaxed about it because in clawing. We’re all are there to just see. We’re not very mindful, we see a huge number of people not connecting with anybody. Cause well, you know, i’ma PRO. I’m in a grocery story and there’s a parent and child hurting each other. So i kinda back up and do the weird super Hero thing. and no matter how terrible it is but this has only been part of the triple Threat.

So if you’re loving your partner and you’ve not a good repines. So if your partner’s telling you that what you’re doing is not working you listen. Cause your strategy is to be sweet and loving.

Now i’ve clowned in war zones. With guns. . . .

Find me, I reply every mail sent to me. There's always a time for you.

Write Me. I’ve never not replied a letter yet. If i do miss it. Write to me AGAIN.

Dr. Patch Adams and the Gesundheit! Institute,

P.O. Box 50125, Arlington,

VA 22205 USA.


ps- take a look at what I found!!


The Kindle! It was owned by one of the guests there, and due to our friendly nature, the guy allowed me to manhandle it to my own desire, and seriously, I LOVE how the ink doesn’t even look digital at all. However, it just won’t take me away from my iPad 😉

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