I'm a Royale Star fan now ;D


Ah. The Royale Chulan Hotel. Just looking at it’s odd but exquisitely magnificent exterior one would wonder how could a 5 -star hotel mark its spot based on design alone.


Fortunately for me, the time in between entering the hotel to getting ushered into their huge open-styled banquet hall right smack in the middle of the hotel was enough to convince me. The staff were polite and as were the usherers, who kindly registered me (alone, because my host FFked me. heh.) and told me I was in time for the launch.


Awed as I was, my camera was out in an instant and I remembered being fascinated by ice sculptures ever since I laid my eyes on them a million years ago at the Mines Wonderland, Mines Resort. These few sculptures were enough to captivate my attention, glowing brightly with lights playing on them. I wonder how they didn’t melt with all that heat.


So as I was saying, the reason I was here is for the Launching  of The Royale Star Platinum Programme. A privileged programme, this was for customers of the Royale Bintang hotels which include quite a number located around KL and PJ who would benefit most, almost sounding like a loyalty card programme akin to Jusco’s membership card. But of course,  in a more exquisite fashion and catering to rich, really rich old men and women. Young ones too. 😛


The ceremony was a success with most major VIPs appearing on stage, releasing what seems to be a scroll embedded beneath an ice structure to officiate its opening.


Other tables were setted within a Victorian style banquet formation, with dots of umbrellas and pillars that lend to a beautiful decor within the hall. It was such a mesmerizing scene!

P1190536 P1190545

At one angle, ornaments with litted candles were placed so nicely around the area, while on other angles ice sculptures were strategically placed in order to get a harmonious feel of exclusivity and class.


But of course, it would be nothing if it were not for the food. Colourful, extravagant stalls were setted up within the compound surround the hall, and their elaborate design is nothing short of magnificent. Each stall showcased its specialty, the above a great example of Japan.


We also have an open style Satay grilling, with proper coals! How many indoor places can boast about this without worrying about fire hazards? Also at this particular stall was real roti canai, slapped and swung like the ones you get at mamak stalls. Truly a scene to behold within these compounds!


So you ask, how on earth are they able to pull of such a fire-hazard thing like grilling satays over real hot burning coals. The answer is as I’ve given above: it’s an open-styled banquet hall! The ceiling is nothing much but glass to hold off the rain, otherwise there are open ends to allow natural air and wind to enter, and right above that would be the hotel’s swimming pool. Now how cool is that?! The waterfall scene just had to be there to complete the whole “outside within inside” look of it all. What a theme!


I just had to mention that these small little grilled burgers are the BEST finger food I’ve ever tasted. It’s so yummy, and definitely doesn’t have the usual dryness of the bun that never fails to turn me off. YUMMEH!


Best of all during the whole ceremony, I was chosen randomly as one of the lucky prize draw winner! It was such a spontaneous thing that I was practically in a shock while talking to this Singh from the media. He nudged me and I went up to collect my Complimentary Ramadhan Buffet Dinner for 2 at the Sunflower Brassarie, The Royale Bintang Kuala Lumpur.  So elated I was that the photographer (this cool guy!) and I got along well enough for him to break a little rule and transfered my picture from his card (DSLR) into mine, and the above was it! The guy, btw, is not actually a staff but the LONGEST serving client of the Royale hotels. To recognize your client in such an honourable way, how cool is that? 🙂


Towards the end, and after signing up for a free pass to the Programme, I proceeded to head for another event. Once again I was in awe with the interior of the hotel. It felt as if I just moved from one country to another 🙂


The outside of the Royale Chulan. Not as impressive as others, but the huge oyster thingie gave me other thoughts instead. Don’t ask me what.


The goodie bag that we received from them contained a few good items. I couldn’t miss this cutey out, guess what it contained.


A White and Dark chocolate piece, with this special layer of edible signage on top. It was tasteless, which was weird. I wonder what they used to make it haha. Anyway that’s about it, many thanks for the invite and hope it’ll not be the last of such exquisite events!

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