Ruumz Launching @ Mist, Bangsar

I know

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I promised Shaz-related pictures here on my blog since he did the same for me, but it’s taking a while to compile so I guess he has to wait. Anyway he’s probably too busy to even notice this small little fact, him with his filled-out schedule, right, girls? πŸ˜›

So then we move on to one damn late entry, the launching of at Mist! My colleague needs no introduction.


Here’s Kat, taken at the front of Bangsar Avenue… located in a very queer location between press factories!



The obligatory shot, blurred but cool nonetheless. Kat was really excited to see what was in store for her. Luckily she dressed up pretty well though she sort of underestimated the crowd that was attending the event lol.


both of us

That’s the both of us, looking great *winks*


HB kiss

As soon as I got in I bumped into Huai Bin, who gave me the cutest shot ever in this entire post… and possibly blog too! I <3 him.


simon, me, kat, chay

And then the rest slowly appeared. Familiar faces. Simon, Nick Chay Chay my loverboy.


HB and Kat

Huai Bin wasted no time in getting to know Kat. I wonder why is that πŸ˜›



The place was not unfamiliar to me; it was my second time being in here, the first was a photoshoot with Mikel, which I will post next (since it’s conveniently sitting dormantly in my Facebook). I loved the ambience though.


me n rachek

Rachel rachel whom I owe so much because I keep asking her to nang me lol. πŸ˜€



Finally met Mellissa @ (spot the anomally!) and wonders upon wonders the world is small; Kat and Mel actually know each other through Kat’s sister!


zoe n me

And lookie who’s here! This time I’m not responsible for bringing Zoe here, what more a club!! Still angry at the irresponsibility of her and her driver in losing her stuff, but ah well ppl learn from mistakes, won’t we now hmm?


kat zoe and firdy

My darlings. So love them lol. Firdy my baby especially *mwah*


zoe and robb

Zoe and Robb doing it just fine… look at Robb go!!


kat toilet

The toilet was pretty funky! Here’s Kat being all funky with it πŸ˜›


kat and elaine

Just before we left, we bumped into Elaine and I got Kat to pose with her, which is until today her profile picture! I believe Kat is more gorgeous compared to Elaine ANYDAY! Wouldn’t you say so?


kat end

That’s the end of our time with Thanks people, and of course the peeps at Nuffnang for the closed invitation!


Random facts of the entry!


Ever wondered why I enjoy doing my job? Take a look at my “cubicle” and go figure πŸ˜‰


new friendsd

Also met new friends; One’s a handsome young lad who plays poker for a living, one’s a friend of a friend (pretty small world, huh?) and the last one is a very bubbly gymer!!


new movie

Lastly, a sneak peak at latest movie to come in the cinemas near you:

‘My Sweet Cherry Blossom Summer Fling’.
Appears in cinemas Summer ’09.

Wanna say something?
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  • Hahahaha!!! That movie poster – looks like one of those Taiwan Hokkien series on tv!!!…Wah! Huai Bin kissed you? Thought Robb would be the one more inclined to do that? LOL!!!…Btw, how to pronounce the name – as in “rooms” or “rum”? Huai Bin would definitely pronounce it like the alcholic drink!

  • The girl is posing but the guy isn’t…Make it so not Poster Like LOL

    the Cubicle is super Messy lol…got KFC poster some More..Appetizing, far too Much when You are working?

    Kat is prettier, but Elaine have her own personality Too^^

  • suituapui: really! haha it was really candid and the girl herself gave that title, quite romantic no? hehe. No, actually HB has more tendencies to kiss guys than Robb does.. as you can see Robb is trying to go straight again ahhaha kidding la lol. it’s ROOMS!!

    hitomi: i didn’t meant it to be a poster. and i’m not the one who says it looks like a poster, she did. so if she says so then it is one!

    and pls, personality wise Kat has it, you don’t even know her lol!

    clem: cuuuuute whaaaaaatttttttt XD

    tom: where got messss!! hahah

  • KY: you win la you win… i can’t believe i skipped war for this… but then again i think it’s worth it haha~

    michy: exactly as what HB said πŸ˜›

    HB: eh wait noooooo YOU dumped ME! hahaha

    Carrie: reaaaally meeeh! well now you gotta study too hor… work hard okay? *hugs*

  • kyliemc: hahahaha yea la he’s the funny one la that’s why we like to laugh when he’s around πŸ˜› my workplace? i <3 it so so much

    Simon Seow: Ho ho no la I where got order one, i no money so eat cheap food k!

    ZOE: CAUSE I CARE! Hrrmpph! haha yeah that was crazy. Why do we have so much to talk about :X

    michy: it’s… both ways wuakkaaka. ya 3 hours nothing one la. really one πŸ˜›

    andrew: I KNOW! anyway i had my yee sang session also so i guess I just missed the great company πŸ™‚ Saturday it is bro!

  • haha..yaya…. omg!! i need to go out…feel so suffocated at work πŸ˜› my workplace is clean..or else i cant find my stuff… if ask from clients again, sure being complained…

    btw, :O whoa…3hours chatting on the phone? whoa..u really have lots to chat bout… hahhaa

  • Female Pig: Okay so now I know how you … girls. Haha. Fill in the blanks.

    Kylie: call me la … but on saturday I’m working 10am-6pm haha

  • The poster thing is bcos i am a camwhore, and i get bored of normal pictures easily. Wanted to imagine myself in Japan with Chris πŸ˜€ (Pavilion deco is very the nice).

    I miss u, PB&J!

  • kyliemc: haha i know where exactly things are on my workplace okay! but yeah… 3 hours where got anything, i chat with u longer before *winkwink*

    michy: eh? by bergayut on the phone? if like this many ppl can do it la, so why still got despo around lolol

    Rachying: I KNOW!!! yaaaa eh wanna go Yuzu? πŸ˜€

    Sammy: thanks Sammy, someone trying to say i spoil picture wor hahaha! i miss you too sweetie xxx

    oh and no need to pretend, we WERE in Japan together.. for that single moment πŸ™‚

    Kelvin: i was, then holidays came and i suddenly become a hermit again.. and then my friend passed away and i’m quite devastated.. and that’s my CNY hehe. but ang pou was good dla bro πŸ™‚ you?

  • TOCKY!!! πŸ™‚ haha sorry i havent had time to read your blog cos ive been working crazy hours recently! but my sis told me about your entry and i just had to read it! great post, i’m overwhelmed by the elaine daly compliment, thanks ! πŸ˜‰

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