Euphoric Night Out With Kakiis!

That night I was destined to be a driver. Well, not just a driver. A feeder as well. A caretaker of sorts for Hitomi, her lil’ (underaged) bro and our dear piano maestro Kerwin (sp?). Those were my Kakiis as we went together to Kakiis Night Out held at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound. Frankly, as my virgin visit to Malaysia’s MOS (compared to London’s) I was pretty blown away by the place! Anyway, to get away from certain responsibilities, I fled the guys I was with to join the Gay Team, oh yeah! Zack and Justin the housemate hotties ahoy πŸ˜‰ Too bad I didn’t take a picture with them or I’ll leave you guys drooling to the floor.

Which means you’ll have to settle for me and Wilson below. *bluek* We met again while I was observing the floor from the bridge at first floor, where we started gossiping about Mikel and then to a lot of other stories haha! We should meet up again man πŸ˜€

Don’t like then maybe the cute KY can compensate la okay? Lucky bastard got 2 x 16Gb PenDrive for winning some game (with his teammates, EiLing and Huai Bin) and for doing a catwalk (which HB did a lot better in IMHO :P)

Then there came Karena, the ever present hottie carrying a large tool with her at all times.Too bad her other half Jamie wasn;t there cause she’s left Malaysia for better greens in China to see her sister. Ptuii! Ah well, I met Kenny Choo for the first time too, nice to meet you dude!

Then of course I had to make sure my “babies” were well taken care of right? haha… WRONG! I found out later that they played all the games and end up not having any food… Sigh. Somemore didn’t win anything. Lucky C__?__R, who’s Hitomi’s younger brother, managed to prance around during the Catwalk event and got himself a 16Gb PenDrive, video to follow soon πŸ˜‰

Here you can see a long distance shot with my beautiful baby Lumix LX2 of one of the games presented during the Kakiis Night Out. My Gay Team stood looking watch over it while Robb and Thomas pitched their skills against Yee Hou and KY. Actually I don’t much care about the people in my photo, I just wanted to show off my baby’s capabilities HAHA!

It wasn’t soon after the Prize Giving time was over that I decided I needed to fill my people’s tummy up before sending them back… Seriously man, who takes these games so seriously and even FORGOT to eat first?! HAhahhaa damn funny la lol. Too bad it was kinda late so I brought them to Ming Tien at Sunway’s, which I thought served decent food I guess. Except the Thai style Tong Hoon noodles that Hitomi bought, that sucked. heh.

Obviously somebody was really hungry lol

After stuffing them up I took them home quickly so that I could watch some important football games… and was sorely disappointed with United’s game. Well, I guess they were out of luck with Tottenham’s goalkeeper making some amazing saves to deny United a win. Goodness. I never felt so tired after that and slept for the longest time….

Don’t say I didn’t feed you πŸ˜›

Just wanna apologise to Josh too, sorry we couldn’t watch the match together man. Maybe next time πŸ˜‰ Ciao bella!

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