Careers in Asia Summit

There it was, a chance, an opportunity. Recommended by Azril, GCC invited me to work with them for the Careers in Asia Summit, held at the Hilton Hotel @ Canary Wharf. With 3 whole floors and the Conference area, together with the Ball Room and Reception Desk reserved just for the GCC, this function is the first I’ve seen demystifying my questions on good managing, great teamwork and even higher standards! It was really a great experience, and more than that, it opened even more doors to greater opportunities, one that may change my life considerably in many ways…

WARNING: LOTS of photos to load, so keep it cool and have fun enjoying them! *remember to click to enlarge them :D*

Heavy lunch of assorted style to start the day πŸ™‚

This guy’s name is Bola… LOL! K cannot make fun of him la lol!

Parts of the booth we made for one of the clients, damn huuuge!

BAT with their booth, GIGANTIC STUFF! Built by us of course =P

Then there was the crowd, about 300+ came in the first 2 hours!

Take a look at the check-in counter, busy busy busy!

This was dinner.. Does it make your mouth water? πŸ˜€

This flat-screen TV… I’ve been devirginised by it’s awesomeness =.= LOVE IT!

If that’s not enough, it’s my first time seeing a reading light too. So jakun =.=

There were assorted rolls on the go,
Warm odour waving to and fro,
Skimpy pastries on display,
With butters and jam on the tray.

Delightful jam tarts I can see,
Maybe I’ll take just two or three,
Now darling baby can’t you see?
These delicacies are all for free!

And so I ate them one by one,
Without care that I weight a tonne,
With care and patience they were eaten,
It felt like flying, the path to heaven.

Next morning’s breakfast was a bundle of choices, I feel spoilt =P

Then I saw this: I swear I almost drooled onto the plate… YUMMY!

This is one of the presentation, look at those budding soon-to-be richies hehe

Shell had more staff there, and those are the BIGGUNS ie Directors etc!

This is my Dinner Set Menu… Started with this beautiful looking dish… *drools*

Sorry couldn’t resist another shot. Words cannot describe the orgy in my mouth…

Seasoned Leg of Lamb, cooked to medium-rare, served with baked potatoes and scrumptious aubergine topped in Hilton’s roast sauce.

Sorry guys, couldn’t resist. Every bite was as juicy as biting into a… cow? =P

Finally the desert came, doesn’t look too nice here but apparently was orgasmic hehe

Sorry, this pic a bit malu to put la but… *shy*

I swear my future house’s bedroom gonna look like this! Who wanna share with me? =P

As if it’s not classy enough, this designer chair completes the surrounding… wow..

A look at the room in whole, tell me, does it look 5-star to you? *wink*

As usual I’m fascinated by toilets, and this is no exception… SO BEAUTIFUL!!

This is the normal price of meals here. Can Die.

If you’re wondering, this is how the Suite looks like. Cost? Can. Die.

These guys are the core of the multinational company, cool eh? πŸ˜€

Need I say more? This was so creamy and berryliscious I almost… er… oh nothing hehe

Finally our last lunch at the Summit, gonna miss everything hereeee! πŸ™

And so completes the Careers in Asia Summit, thanks everyoneeee!

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  • omggggggggggggg
    the foooooood!!!!!!!
    I spot salmon,
    LOADS of it. hoho! πŸ˜€

    and you look so much like Sandra in that picture of you in the elevator

  • Heya guyss! Haha I tot no one visit my blog edi, since I haven’t updated for a looooong time ^^

    Clem: Hey thanks for the comments! I’m actually using my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX1. You can read more about it at this link ->
    And no, I’m not working as an event manager hehe.. More like a Technical Consultant :mrgreen:

    Sherve: YOU LOVE SALMON?! My gawd, I should bring you to Harrods la, there can buy lots n cheap (at least I think so la =p)
    Eh you mean SHE looks like me!! Hahhahaha… I was born first after all πŸ™„

  • Eh, this is for career or for the gastronomical delights?

    The food looks gorgeous!! I’m soooooooo jealous now, salmon. . . Ice cream. . . Steak. . . *melts*

    Waaaa, the beds look very comfy, bathtub looks all right πŸ™‚ You shared the room?

  • Applegal: Career laa! The food was just a bonus πŸ™„ Doncha wish u were me? hahaha.. oh wait, of course you don’t. or else you can’t have the fun that you’re having now aren’t cha? *winks*

  • Wayn: Hahahha, nice hor?! Wish I had more chances like these! πŸ˜€ Eh how’s the rhyme, can challenge your cacated ones or not :mrgreen: HAHHAA kidding!

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