First All Nighter in Imperial College London… with my Red-Eyed look!

Twas’ a crazy night, it is. It was exactly at 1.00am when Yanti, accompanied by her bodyguard Wei Kiat, came to me like a hound catching its prey.
What have I done wrong? rememberd: I smoothly declined Yanti for an offer to have an all-nighter in the library, for two main reasons:-
   1. I still had the red eye with me.
   2. I gotta work at 9.30am. (D*mn bl**dy tired!!)
   3. Well, there’s no 3rd reason really, but all I can say is that, I lurrvve sleeping in the library for some obscure reasons 😀
Where shall I run & hide?
Silent as a fox I managed to evade being interrogated… until the killer came: a ring to my house phone. Thinking it could be someone else, I had this conversation with the “other side
   Me: Hi?
   Him: Can I speak to Chris Tock please?
   Me: Yeah it’s him.
   Him: Let’s go to the library. *laughter in the background: probably Yanti*
   Me: Wei Kiat?? Uhhh….
   Wei Kiat: You will go to the library. (heart beat getting faster) You-will-go-to-the-library.
   Me: *stammering* Oh alright! (screaming in the background “I hate you Chris!!” – Yanti again, prolly feeling rejected haha )

Sheesh… talk about will power 🙁 Well, that and the power of persuasion through calling on the phone!
Well, hmm… to sum things up, the whole “camping” in the library didn’t work out to well. One was on his computer,
another was constantly moving and muttering “Where’s my GiTS: SAC? Where is it?!?!” and the last, well, a series of stomach illness and dozing off to never-neverland ^^; Oh well, we decided to try again another time, better prepared of course (reminder to others: BRING SNACKS!!)

On a separate notice, I have a hilarious video for you, taken from ebaum’s world but it was widely circulated sometime ago.
The video is called Annoying Asians and it can be downloaded here! (Please use “Save Target As” to download the file).
Watch this video, it is seriously seriousthingly funny!!!

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