What goes on behind IKEA’s showroom and cafe Part 3

No, you did not miss Part 1 and Part 2. I just decided to post about Part 3 first because I haven’t been blogging about food for a long time… so this is a post dedicated to the type of food you can get at IKEA! (Oh and the perks of being an IKEA staff too. Oh and not to forget, the story of how RM15 worth of containers gave me immeasurable amount of happiness *grins*)

So it starts, or rather, ends with this… After a full tour around IKEA @ Mutiara Damansara, we were led to the staff makan area where they get to rest… and eat… and play…. and even read!

The first thing that was out of ordinary is the fact that they have a washing basin at the entrance! Talk about super accessibility to being hygiene eh?

The next thing we noticed was a foosball table! How super cool is that?!

The resting area, featuring a carom board, plushy sofas (from IKEA of course :P) and waaaaaait, is that a black guitar I see? LOL!

Nearer to the makan area, we found a couple of microwaves! One says halal, the other, non-halal – super thoughtful if you ask me!

And here comes the food area… lemme tell you a secret – IKEA staff pay for the food at cost price, and you WOULDN’T believe how cheap it is over here! Ah, clear benefits working in IKEA hehe. Yummy and healthy too!

And so… we shall tuck in to our much awaited dinner! (funny how you keep looking forward to eat at IKEA, a FURNITURE shop, eh? That’s cause they don’t aim to JUST be a furniture shop 😉

Open Face Sandwich RM5.90 – Another way to enjoy Greenland’s shrimps, in a hearty sandwich with lettuce, eggs and mayonnaise.

First we had the lovely Open Prawn Sandwich. If you tried it, you’d know how succulent and springy the prawns are, embedded on fluffy mayo on top of wheat grain bread. Yums.

Don’t know if this is in the menu but it certainly is a type of Swedish delicacy!

Even their garnishing has style. Kudos to the chef!

Cold Water Prawns RM8.90 – Caught from Greenland’s deep waters, served chilled with lemon & dill to enjoy the subtleties of their delicate flavour.

Ah. Shrimp Galore. Best

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eaten as is *drools*

Ah. The discontinued Daim Cake at this time of writing. So sad. Yet so happy that I got to have so much to myself like a greedy pig that I am. Be envious. Hehe.

Oh, just another cute garnishing that I ate. Yes, I did. It’s tomato what!

Swedish Apple Pie and this other Swedish dessert, can’t remember what it’s called!

And of course the other mains… all for us to hantam!

Swedish Meatballs RM10/10pcs – The all-time favourite Swedish dish that has captured the stomachs of many Malaysians.

Try it and you’ll find out why. That is, if you haven’t already. I know a certain company called Wago who often visits there cos the boss @ZainHD loves them!

Sooooooo with so many food there, and not many are as greedy as me, having multiple rounds (won’t tell you how many) , there were obviously plenty of leftovers. That’s where Pin2 and I hatched a devious plan, and before anybody could say or do anything, we quickly slid to a particular section (just behind the counters) and got this JUST before the store closed (made possible

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cos I used my IKEA card – quick and efficient LOL)

At RM15, it was quite a steal! Don’t look down on the packaging of this thing because what I am about to show you is MAGIC! (though if you read the description, it ain’t magic

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anymore lol)

Here we go fitting in the prawns, balls and sauces.

Yes I know putting both the meatballs and the Daim cake is disgusting.. but heck with it, my family’s going to love me forever!

Fast forward... this is how much food 17 freaking containers can hold. DAMN!

Tock is a happy (and greedy) man! But seriously though, food wastage is no good and I’m doing them a favour by tapaoing them back to my family! Right? Righttt??

Thanks to these beautiful ladies for giving such an awesome time at IKEA. You guys really do know how to throw a party 😉 Here’s a last look at how we packed it all in, not even letting the sauces and salad go. Hehe.

Just like McDonalds, IKEA promises that their food, wherever you have them, tastes exactly as good, thus giving you a sense of comfort. At least that’s how I felt about it, the way I experienced them in UK when I was a student, and now here in Malaysia, as a working professional. It’s amazing how they can put a smile on your face no matter what you do there.

How I wish that the two companies I’m currently growing now will adopt a similar messaging to our clients and beneficiaries. That, I think, is the secret to IKEA’s global success 🙂

Wanna say something?

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  • urghh u make me wanna eat meatball at this hour. 1am. i found your blog when googling on ‘anyone have worked in ikea malaysia’. been wanting to work in ikea and trying to check on comments or forums about the working hours, people and of course the staff’s benefits. not looking for a high payment. just a good pay to settle my bills, insurance & other monthly commitments. i just quitted my job in a bank. looking for a fun workplace, positive attitude colleagues and happy surrounding. do u mind sharing your experience? tq.

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