#RoomerHasIt: KLIA2 Tune Hotel's 5 Different Experiences

TUNE Hotel KLIA 2 has opened its doors to dear guest from around the world. Spinzer has been the few lucky ones to be invited and I get to tag along to experience it!

DSCN6936 A snippet of how the new Tune Hotel look like

Tune Hotel certainly entertain their guest so well, They had many activities including human bingo, face painting and artists to entertain us such as Eugene See, Elizabeth Tan and Melissa Indot. As much as I want to enjoy the songs, I got so carried away to complete my human bingo >> I attempted to complete it ALL not knowing I was required to complete only a line (Emceeee, can you please announce it clearly next time?)

It was pretty fun for the human bingo game, I found out that Jocelyn who invited us could flipped her eyelids inside out, Miao could burp spontaneously and Melissa Indot actually showed me her piercings collections (she has a super bling piercing stud on on her belly ;p)

Elizabeth Tan with her songs. She has a really amazing voice! Listen to her here

Here’s to the crowd entertainer, who even danced with the crowd πŸ™‚ She’s very friendly and if you ever bumped into her, do approach her with a Hi!

Face Painting anyone? I took a design with shiny blue hues. A photo of me and my favourite Meow Meow!

Spinzer with Miao!

My Dance Partner of the night >> The Owl of TripAdvisor!

#Wefie of the night

I really appreciate the party thrown by Tune Hotel. It unites many bloggers through this party, we catch up, eat and even danced together! (Another wefie =p)

After all the food and special cocktails catered for the night, it’s some time to dance it all out to the beat of DJ Faith.

Enough of my party bragging. Let’s focus on the different experience you will find in Tune Hotel, KLIA2

Number 1
The hotel is interconnected to airport and it takes 3.5 minutes of walking to reach the airport.

There’s a skybridge linking to the hotel and airport DIRECTLY now.

Rain or Shine, you be sure you are well protected from the harsh weather.

Number 2
Tune Hotel of KLIA 2 is definitely a break away from the norm of Tune Hotels you know, I know or we all know. This one has a bar for guests to hang out and have a malt drink or two. #RoomerHasIt drinks connect people.

A drink perhaps?

Guests gets to fill their stomachs with yummy bakes

The bar is also a great place for you to meet some new friends πŸ™‚

Number 3
Tune Hotel KLIA 2 is an all inclusive hotel where you just need to pay the price you see for the full package. (Full package comes with air con, ceiling fan, TV and selected Astro Channels, Towel and toiletries.) — Thanks Tune Hotel Staff for the information.

A double bed from the view upon opening the door.

Desk & Chair with table lamp for guests’ usage. There’s even proper hanging area for guests to hang their used towels or clothes and of course a hair dryer readily available in the bathroom.
Wise word from Jingy: Hang your towels to be reused to help reduce waste on mother earth πŸ™‚

A safe for guests to lock up valuables. I believe this is available in all Tune Hotels too πŸ™‚

Number 4
A big chill out lounge area for guests to curl up for a book or to get yourself some warm sunlight of Malaysia

The view from our room on the party night

The view from our room in the morning. The building is pretty roomy and airy as it complies to Green Building rules and regulations too

Number 5
This hotel has 2 flight check-in machines where you could easily access to it and skip the queue at the airport! Brilliant for guests.

Miss Jingy at your service!

It was generally a good experience. I love the fact that it’s interconnected to the airport and we all had our breakfast at the airport before bidding farewell! Bye Tune Hotel of KLIA2, you are certainly a recommended choice for budget travellers and also flight interchange guests.


Jingy Veronique

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