So, Where's The Party? Follow the Trail to Grab'em Tickets!

WTP_MINIWTP_postpic_R1If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been taken hook, line and sinker to find out where Carlsberg will be organizing their annual “Where’s The Party?” event this 6th of July 2013, reputedly one of the most often talked about, surprise rave where rumours start to pop out, and the reason why this is, is because nobody really knows where it’s going to be every single time!

Since 2010, Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ had always provided the necessary excitement based on suspense and discovery, who’s party is often being dubbed the “hippest of the hip” and the “most epic social event of the year”. Sad to say, I’ve actually never been invited to one before, nor have I managed to win any tickets from their many opportunities, because frankly by the time I found out about it, it’s almost always over boo hoo T____T

But that being said, THIS time here I am getting excited to go for my first ever “Where’s The Party?” rave, and JUST so that you don’t end up like me (finding out about it after it’s over boo hoo), these are several ways YOU can get your tickets to the party from the folks at Carlsberg yo!

Purchasing RM100 worth of Carlsberg beer

That’s right, JUST RM100 worth of Carlsberg beer (just make sure to keep the receipt!), head on to Carlsberg’s Party Pass Giveaway Facebook Tab, create and use the cover photo, and finally be spotted by Carlsberg! Come on, it’s just some extra fine barley drink, you can take it right? 😉

Rating: 3/5 – by far the easiest, just get some friends together for a drinking session and a lil’ FBing

Participating in a contest on Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook page

You think entering contest is lame? Not when it’s done by the folks at Carlsberg! Check out their Are You Bold Enough tab on Facebook, give us your boldest answer to the scenarios and you could win yourself 1 pass set that admits 4. Partying without friends is lame, kan?

Rating: 4/5 – This in itself is a mystery, because not every scenario is released yet. Cool lol.

Snapping a cool photo with Instagram

The coolest way to obtain your ticket! Why? Because it’s just cool to hashtag #AREYOUBOLDENOUGH in your instagram pictures with your friends joining in. I’m on instagram at @spinzer, #AREYOUBOLDENOUGH to follow me? LOL! PS the secret is of course to follow @carlsbergMY first too, and I guess there’s no harm adding #wherestheparty & #carlsberg to maximize your chance heh!

Rating: 5/5 – Instagram rocks! Sharing your excitement rocks!

So… are you guys going to join me at the most epic social event of the year? Hurry and grab your ticket while you still can! See

you guys there!

For more details, visit


OH and were you at @CarlsbergMY’s Mini “Where’s The Party” session held @ Changkat Movida yesterday? They were giving out tickets, hope you got some of them!

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